You’ll hopefully recall that my dear friend Strangeways composed this wonderfully composed introduction to a Glasgow project that goes under the moniker of The Affectionate Punch.

In a nutshell, TAP have been releasing music online since November 2018, with the songs led by speed and momentum, with almost every number taken from spontaneous idea to completed, listenable take, artwork (and, often, an accompanying video) in just a few hours.

TAP is led by just one person in one room, but lurking close by, and keenly watched by the not-obvious-at-all store detective, would be a gang of contributors: Paul McKeever, a singer/songwriter from Larbet, Scotland, Marshmallow Fortresses, a musician from the San Francisco Bay Area, USA and, most regularly, Amanda Sanderson, a singer from Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

I pointed readers in the direction of the soundcloud page for TAP and also the dedicated youtube channel.  I also mentioned that plans were in place to master some tracks that would then be added to Bandcamp, as a free download, as an LP with the title So Long Ago, Goodbye.

Just a few days later, I received an e-mail from TAP

“Hi Jim

Just a wee heads up that the LP ‘So Long Ago, Goodbye’ is now available as a free download from Bandcamp.  Had it not been for Strangeways and TVV I would not have thought to do this – thank you.

You’ll note a proper thank you at track 10.  The first and last time I think I’m likely to type the 3 letter acronym that the ‘kids’ seem so fond of.”

And here, in all its glory, is said Track 10:-

mp3 : The Affectionate Punch – OMG! TVV

I was utterly speechless.

I’ve been lucky enough to have received some mentions and the occasional ‘thanks to’ within singles, LPs and one box set, and I’ve even, in real life, featured a fair bit in a political biography.

But this tops everything.  A piece of music, three-and-a-half minutes in length, on an album, named after me!

I am still utterly speechless. Oh my gawd indeed.

So Long Ago, Goodbye can be downloaded from here. It’s a wonderfully beguiling, intruiging and mesmerising listen. And of course, you can try before you download.

It is, if you choose, free of charge, but I would hope you would consider even a small contribution to support this artistic endeavour.


PS : Here’s a reminder of the link to the soundcloud page and to the youtube channel.


  1. OMG! TVV is gorgeous! After Strangeways guest posting a few days back I was trying to put my finger on what TAP reminds me of. Having purchased the album from Bandcamp today, I have a better grasp on it and just why I am enjoying it so much. At different times throughout the album I hear the influence of MBV, Glen Branca/Sonic Youth and Ride. Non of these influence trample the artistry of TAP – and I may completely off bass in my impression if you ask the band, but it’s an album that is completely in my wheelhouse!

  2. Thank you JC, Strangeways and to all that took time to have a wee listen.

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