Back in January 2016, I made mention of JR Green having caught them on a bill at a free BBC gig supporting C Duncan:-

“They are two brothers from Strontian, which is away up in the far north-west of Scotland. Jacob Green plays accordion and sings while Rory Green sings lead vocals and plays acoustic guitar. They play a blend of music that brings to mind the best of Frightened Rabbit, King Creosote and, despite not having an electrical instrument between them, a range of early 21st Century indie-guitar bands such as The Cribs, The Libertines and The Strokes. The boys – and this is where it is worth mentioning that Jacob is 21 and Rory is 19 – were clearly brought up on and learned to play via the traditional folk music that is best associated with where they grew up but what they have done is fuse the sort of songs and subject matters that they were listening to as teenagers to make something that is hugely entertaining and enjoyable with the best use of an accordian in a music setting since Wix did his stuff alongside Matt Johnson on This Is The Day…..

They released a debut EP entitled Bring The Witch Doctor in October 2015. As Rory has said elsewhere on t’internet:-

The four songs were all written in our shared attic-room in the remote Scottish Highlands, barely big enough for two beds, let alone two 6ft muppets and a bloody squeeze box. We wrote these four songs when I was still in school and each one will always serve as a time capsule for me no matter how many times we perform them. We hope you can take pleasure in listening to them, they mean an awful and equal amount to us and having them officially released is something we find extremely exciting.”

The morning after seeing them, I sent off for a copy of the EP.

The boys did go on a play a few gigs and festivals in 2016 and 2017, but to the best of my knowledge, the debut LP is all the physical product that’s available. I did pay a visit to their Soundcloud page and there’s only two songs over and above the four on the EP. It would seem they are on something of a hiatus at the moment….

mp3 : JR Green – Do The Katie-Step


2 thoughts on “SATURDAY’S SCOTTISH SONG : #168 : JR GREEN

  1. When the drums ‘kick’ in? Wow! It reminds me of The Magnetic Fields and Arcade Fire. It has a huge, wonderful chorus and the line “I want to break your teenage heart”, is potent.

  2. Me, again. I have just listened to all of the available tracks including For the Wild (2 videos on Youtube – one at Celtic Connections 2016 and the other at a skateboard shop in Inverness). I hope the band come out of hiding soon. Based on so few songs I’m enamoured. So far, at this point in time, the beauty that is Technicolour Native has me firmly in it’s grasp.

    Thank you, JC.

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