SBTRKT 2 v The Fall (3) 20
Kitchens of Distinction 9 v Talking Heads 15
Sonic Youth 5 v Edwyn Collins 19
The Velvet Underground 15 v Talk Talk 9

(as at 11 pm on Monday 12 Feb)

Fewer goals scored in the first half this week….has the competition lost its shine already??

Worth mentioning also that nobody has yet, in any of the previous ties, been able to turn round a half-time defecit.  The whistle went a little bit early this week as I couldn’t have the post interfering with a Valentine’s Day special, so maybe history can be made.  But somehow I don’t see SBTRKT creating it. Or indeed any of the others….nobody has yet turned round a five-goal defecit (although the Fannies came mighty close last week)

One other thing….I’m dispensing with the banging pop tunes normally played at half-time  – something that should go down well with Swiss Adam among others.  Instead, you’ll be treated to something from the ICA of a singer or band knocked out in the last round by one of the eight sides competing so you can realise what your previous voting patterns have deprived the tournament of:-

mp3 : Associates – Party Fears Two

Remember….if you haven’t voted yet this week, you have until 10pm this coming Friday.



23 thoughts on “HALF TIME SCORES

  1. I was away last week and so missed all the excitement. As for this week’s ties, there are no real surprise results from the Swede jury:

    The Fall
    Talking Heads
    Edwyn Collins
    Velvet Underground

  2. Sorry JC, no time for ‘funny’ comments… and nothing that will turn around the half time scores…

    The Fall
    Talking Heads
    Edwyn Collins (It pains me to vote against my own ICA)
    Talk Talk

  3. Fall
    Talking Heads
    Sonic Youth

    What does it say about the crowd that the average age of the front-running squads is about 65? Oh well. Senior citizens less prone to hooliganism, I suppose.

  4. Back from a short trip to the Dutch coast in order to escape the Carnival season that started in my area last week. I guess I’m too old by now to wear false tits or something along those lines for four days in a row and drink way too much, that’s why we chose to go away and boycott the carnival by and large. So, a bit belated, but here you are, JC:

    SBTRKT v The Fall: well, a most dull game, it must be said. It’s not easy to tell which team was the most boring one to watch, both performances jangled my nerves mightily because of whatever the noun for ‘repetitive’ might possibly be. The Fall though were a little bit less repetitive than SBTRKT, but just a tad. That’s why they won in the very last second. As Johan Cruyff said about this match: “Football is a game of mistakes. Whoever makes the fewest mistakes wins.”

    Kitchens of Distinction v Talking Heads: much (!) more my kind of a game, this! Both teams were great and Kitchens were brilliant up to the last minute. Still ‘Artists Only’ has always been one my favorites by Talking Heads, so that’s why they succeeded in the end. But it was close! Arsene Wenger was right when he commented above game as thus: “Football is an art, like dancing is an art – but only when it’s well done does it become an art.”

    Sonic Youth v Edwyn Collins: an easy score for Sonic Youth, because they entered the pitch with one of the best line-ups they could possibly have chosen. Poor old Edwyn failed here, it must be said! Perhaps he should’ve remembered Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s words: “If you are too nice, you will just get eaten alive. The football world is not always a nice place.”

    The Velvet Underground v Talk Talk: as with the first game in this round, this one was rather bitter and not a great joy to watch! At the end of the day though the Velvet Underground won by following Gary Neville’s advice: “With good coaching, proper motivation and the right club structure with organic growth, you can achieve an awful lot in football.”

  5. Brilliant Dirk
    My favourite football quote is from John Lambie the former manager of Partick Thistle FC

    Physio – Boss, the centre forward has concussion, He doesn’t know who he is

    Lambie – Tell him he’s Pele and send him back on

  6. Hey JC,

    This week, im going for the following.

    The Fall
    Edwyn Collins
    Talk Talk

    Great tune this week, my fav tune of all time, put this up against most other tunes and it would have walked it.



  7. That’s a shockingly low blow!!!

    It’s also far from the worse that I’ve ‘entertained’ the crowd with this season. The public gets what the publi wants…….

  8. It was an open goal JC which had to be taken advantage of. I will admit Leo and I had a great day on Saturday and if your run in goes to pot we will return next season.

  9. If there was a World Cup for comments, Dirk would win easily. Bloody Germans! Mind, he scored a shocking own goal by quoting Gary Neville, a man so thoroughly unlikeable he makes me want to watch golf rather than see his gurning mug spouting neverending twaddle. I mean – GOLF! FFS.

  10. First of all, great commentary by Dirk!

    Results as follows:

    The Fall
    KoD – fair enjoyed this track!
    Edwyn – tho could have easily gone either way.
    VU – far too slow a start from Talk Talk which saw Velvets run into an early lead.

  11. SBTRKT 3 The Fall 2 (AET) Of course The Fall are going to go through. Just making a case for the modern game and new techniques.
    Kitchen of Distinction 7 Talking Heads 0 Never in doubt. If only more thought the same.
    Sonic Youth 3 Edwyn Collins 4 Golden goal here. Nostalgia, the Chilean sub, just sneaked it
    Velvet Underground 5 Talk Talk 0 The old stagers rested a few, overthought their gameplan and, let’s be honest, f***ed about for most of the game but still too good for their opponents.

  12. Fall
    Talking heads

    One sided week but didn’t want you thinking lack of vote was lack of interest.

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