Happy Valentine’s Day.

It is damn near impossible to get across the effect that the above sleeve had on me as a 15-year old. Let’s just say that it went a long way to confirming that I was a heterosexual with longings for peroxide blondes.

Picture This is that very rare thing – a post-punk/new wave love song. And oh how I wished I could be part of Debbie’s finest hour….in fact I’d willingly have settled for 30 seconds.

mp3 : Blondie – Picture This

This is the 45 that was used as the precursor for the album Parallel Lines. Its b-side was a rather mournful sounding number that would also find its way on to the album

mp3 : Blondie – Fade Away and Radiate

As I’ve said in other posts, slow songs and ballads were not my forte back in the late 70s and I wasn’t all that keen on the b-side as it was nothing like new wave, more dull plod-rock. I’ve, however, grown to like it over the years and now appreciate it as an example of Blondie working hard not to be pigeon-holed into one particular genre. But it wouldn’t make an ICA…..

Oh and one more thing….. who said it is near impossible to look stunning in yellow?


15 thoughts on “LOVE SONG

  1. Pretty much did a similar thing for me but it was the video for Heart of Glass that really got me in a tizz. Those lucious bright red lips, the candy floss hair and the sideways look when she first sings “love’s gone behind”, still sends shivers

  2. Licking records is only a half step away from “biting” them. Which is prohibitively expensive now [ask your sample clearance lawyer]. I liked Blondie a lot, but Debbie never did too much for me; her head seemed so disproportionately large. Look at the cover of “parallel Lines… you’ll see what I mean. But I never knew the UK single sleeve used that shot until now. I always associated that photo with the “Parallel Lines” US picture disc LP. A great song, but for my money Kate Jackson’s cover on B.E.F.’s “Dark” album is now staggeringly definitive.

  3. Debbie looked stunning in any outfit.
    (My preferred song today otherwise is PIL – This Is Not A Love Song. Brilliant.)

  4. Feel you on this one, JC, although ‘Picture This’ is strong enough to make an ICA in my book. Debbie Harry was an international pop star in her day, but she was absolutely worshipped in NYC. Perhaps she has something to do with our predilection for older women? Debbie would have been 33 when this single was released–not exactly your young fresh starlet. I’ll still love her til the day I die.

  5. Jonny….just to clear things up….Picture This would most certainly make the cut on an ICA, it’s the b-side that would come up short.

    Don’t want folk thinking that I’m short of love for this 45!!!

  6. I loved the b-side, too, JC. As for proportions, truth be told everyone is correct. I met Debbie Harry at 3 am at the Korean grocery on my corner, circa 1990. It’s the first thing you notice when you see her up close in person. Still, even way after hours and in a dumpy market–when she would have been about 45!–she positively radiated glamour up and down 9th Avenue.

  7. I saw her at the Tranway in Glasgow. She wore stockings, suspenders and a baggy T Shirt emblazoned with “God Looks Like Me”

    I have to agree.

    Oh, the music? She is also the coolest artiest female ever to grace the pop charts. And a great singer, she was dynamite at the Tramway. So impressive

  8. At 16, I was in a small NYC club, TR3, seeing a band who I knew – The Colors, who were produced by Blondie drummer Clem Burke. Well in a dark corner of the club was Chris and Debbie. I went up to her, gushed, and was rewarded with a kiss on my left cheek. Just a few years later I would find myself in Debbie and Chris’ kitchen at the invitation of one of their good friend was also one of the photographers I worked with and I reminded her of that night she gave me a kiss. When I left she kissed my right cheek and gave me a hug. Two memories that will never leave me.

  9. That’s it. I’m going to have to close the blog down. Nobody will ever better Echorich’s story on being kissed – twice – by Debbie Harry.

    The blog has peaked and it’s all downhill from here on in…….

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