From wiki:-

Geneva were formed in 1992 by vocalist Andrew Montgomery and guitarist Steven Dora. They recruited second guitarist Stuart Evans, bass player Keith Graham and finally drummer Craig Brown. Craig was later replaced by Douglas Caskie.

One of their demos found their way to Nude Records who signed the band in 1996. and released their debut single “No One Speaks” the same year. The band garnered enough press to headline NME’s annual Bratbus tour of up and coming bands in early 1997. The band released second single “Into the Blue” to coincide with the tour.

Geneva released their debut album, Further, early in June 1997. The album mixed power pop with darker brooding songs. It reached No. 20 in the UK Albums Chart, and included further singles “Tranquilizer” and “Best Regrets”.

The second album, Weather Underground, was released in March 2000, after more than a year of wrangling with the band’s record label. It was preceded by the single “Dollars in the Heavens” (which only made the UK Top 60) and followed by the single “If You Have To Go”. The band split later that year.

The band were often lumped in with labelmates Suede and other contemporaries such as Gene and Strangelove. I previously featured the excellent debut single and so this time round I’ve gone for one of the others:-

mp3 : Geneva – Tranquilizer

One listen and you’ll see why the comparisons mentioned above were made.


4 thoughts on “SATURDAY’S SCOTTISH SONG (on a Monday): #112 : GENEVA

  1. An absolutely brilliant single. I remember feeling that the ‘…let us be happy while we’re still young…’ refrain was totally relevant to me during that period, as an important relationship had just come crashing around my ears. What a great album ‘Further’ is.

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