Really stunned to read that Sean Hughes has passed away at the age of 51.

He was a comedian that I had so much time for. He emerged in the late 80s and much of my love for him was the way he incorporated so many indie music references into his material and the gentle yet hugely satirical nature of his material. He was a fan of pop which showed through to great effect when he was one of the original team captains on the BBC comedy/music quiz show Never Mind The Buzzcocks. I can also recall him appearing in a couple of promo videos over the years, not least Tequila by Terrorvision, the remix of which was a huge hit in the UK in 1999.

I once spoke to him for about 5 minutes when I was alongside him in a very small audience at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a theatre show about The Jam – this was the period when Paul Weller was yet to be christened as the Modfather of Britpop and interest in him and his former bandmates was at all time low. The chat took place during the interval of the show and it was very clear that he had a great knowledge of post-punk/new wave/indie and he seemed genuinely pleased to be able to talk to someone about that rather than stand-up comedy.

He was a huge fan of David Gedge and so it must have been a huge thrill to be asked to contribute a backing vocal to this:-

mp3 : Cinerama – Sly Curl

Got a lump in my throat as I listen to it as I’m typing these words.

RIP Sean Hughes. You were one of my idols.


  1. Just read the news on the BBC website – a real shock. A comedian both Mrs G and i related to given he was the same age as us and so we appreciated many of his references. RIP.

  2. I would go home and watch ny DVD of series 1 of Sean’s Show but I have lent it out for the third time to someone who fondly remembers this underrated and sadly missed gem. You can tell Sean was a top top bloke as well. There’s great footage on You Tube of a very young Sean on Gay Byrne. It shows that Sean’s Show was clearly developed from his stand up. Loved it. A hero of mine too.

  3. Amen to all of the above. Like you all, I was numb with shock when I heard the news today. Sean’s Show was a ground-breaking sitcom, cram packed with stupid but brilliant catchphrases. Any comedy/music fans of a certain age will almost undoubtedly still find themselves squealing “Smiths on the radio!” whenever they get played. A sad, sad loss indeed.

  4. Sean was a fanatical fan of Julian Cope. To a fault in fact, as he would find inexplicable joy in Cope’s most wilfully obscure, experimental stuff. Even at the height of his own success, he retained that sense of awe at the performances of those he admired.

  5. As a fan of Cathal Coughlan, let’s hear it for Bubonique. Sean and Cathal and their unlistenable, unsellable and unobtainable collaboration. Fantastically bad, and brilliant .

    What I liked about it most was that Cathal had a like minded mate to have fun with. indie fans heaven those two together.

    Very sad and shocking this news.

  6. I, like you, was truly shocked by the news. I had met him a few times in my later life and grew up with Sean’s show. A sad loss.

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