Dear friend

I’m typing this on the afternoon of Sunday 15 October (i.e the day before it will appear on the blog).  This is the first thing I’ve done for T(n)VV in almost three months. Indeed, other than going in and looking at emails, from which I’ve been able to pull out some stunning guest contributions, I’ve studiously avoided this blog, and I’m ashamed to say, all the other brilliant blogs that are highlighted as recommendations over on the right hand side of this layout if you’re viewing it on a PC or laptop.

I think I do things differently from most other bloggers in that I produce a high volume of postings in single sittings for packaging up and posting many weeks or indeed months down the line.  I wish I could be more like Drew or Adam or Rol or Robster and so many others who can fire up the device and pull together a brilliantly written, entertaining and informative piece and then move on to the next one a day or so later.  My inspiration very much comes in spurts and I need to have lots of free thinking time too.

It was the fact that I knew I was going to be very busy at work right through August and September that led to the fierce stockpiling of material.  It’s not that I was working any longer hours, it was that I knew I was going to need to be particularly creative on projects that wouldn’t leave much in the way the energy or inspiration to blog.  One option, of course, was to close things down for a few days or weeks, but that’s something I’m loath to do as there’s a sense of pride and satisfaction in making sure there’s some sort of daily posting.

So the binge to end all binges was embarked upon.

It can hardly come as a surprise the binge made me feel ill afterwards, to the extent that I just couldn’t be bothered with this or other blogs.  There was also the fact that some of my spare time was being sucked into some other leisure related things, particularly around football, that on every occasion I thought to myself that I’d find a day to get motivated again to read what others were writing, I’d find a pathetic excuse not to.

My utmost apologies to all of you and I do promise that in due course I will catch up….don’t be too annoyed if you find me offering inane comments on stuff you’d written about weeks/months ago and had perhaps forgotten about.

I’ve also managed in recent weeks to get myself away on holiday for a week over to Canada where I met up with friends and played some golf (those of you who are linked to me via Facebook will have been bored with photos of green grass and lakes in Nova Scotia).  But the holiday also made me realise I was suffering from blog fatigue as, for the first ever time on a visit to Toronto, I studiously avoided going downtown to browse around the record stores that I’ve grown fond of over the years and I didn’t even think about trying to take in any sort of live show.

I’ll slowly shake myself out of this stupor, but I think it might take much of the rest of the calendar year.  As things stand, I have posts in place and scheduled right through to the end of November and it will also be easy to keep the Saturday and Sunday features going as they follow a particular chronology.  But I am putting out the begging bowl for December……..and hoping that some readers can help.

I’ve more or less missed out on what 2017 has had to offer from a new music perspective, whether from new singers or bands or the material released by ling-established favourites.  I’m therefore asking if any of you would care to fire over a piece on your take on what has most excited you musically about 2017 that I would intend to run as features this coming December.

I’ve long believed that one of the greatest strengths of this little corner of t’internet is the quality and variety of guest postings and the amazing contributions via the comments section.  I’ve spent the best part of an hour today reading back over the past hundred observations and I’ve been smiling a lot.  That’s something I really need to say thank you for. There’s been some fantastic debates break out along the way and I’m annoyed I never leapt in to contribute….particularly on Roxy Music!

So…it’s a huge favour that I’m asking and I do hope that some of you will, in due course, feel like making a charitable donation.

mp3 : Pulp – Help The Aged

Yours etc


PS : Feel free to keep firing over ICAs, ‘Had It Lost It’ , ‘Cracking Debut Single’ or indeed anything else that you’d want to see appear on these pages.  Nothing is ever turned down.






  1. Hi JC

    Fantastic work to keep this blogging whilst feeling like that. It pops in the inbox at 6am every morning and is a cracking and informative read every single day.

    2017 has been a good year for music with lots of established releasing good fresh music. However it’s the year I’ve really got into soul music. I’m a Paul Weller nut and he produced an album by Stone Foundation which was just full of pure soul and could be from the 70s, it’s a cracking listen and favourite tracks change all the time, but the best is probably back in the game.

    I thought I’d discovered a new band earlier this year and labelled it the best debut lp since the Strokes, however it turned out to be their second. That band is New Street Adventure, full of soul, rare groove and political lyrics. They are the new Dexys. Again any track but particularly the single Hard Living (no easy way out) stand out.

    Apologies I don’t know how to post links.



  2. Blog fatigue has hit me too mate. My posts are rather infrequent at the mo, though a review of the Nadine Shah show I attended last night will appear later in the week; quite frankly stunning. Talking of which, I’ll send you my musings on her current album which is probably my fave record of 2017. That one and Jane Weaver’s latest too.

    To be honest, I’m amazed you’ve managed to keep this place going so long without burning out. Tis a heck of a task.

  3. JC – I always read your blog and i admire how you do it daily and keep it entertaining – a heck of a task indeed!

    Robster – I live near brighton – next Sunday Jane Weaver and Nadine Shah are playing in different venues in the city… what a dilemma – I’m going to Jane Weaver – my wife is taking my daughter to see Nadine Shah as my daughter loves the support band Life… and has grown to love Nadine Shah…

    JC – i’ll drop you a piece soon – it’ll be reflecting on how my teenage daughter has grown to love music and gigs… and how it’s made me listen to music in a different way!

  4. My admiration for the consistent quality and inventiveness of your writing is on record JC, but please allow me to reiterate it here. Speaking as someone who struggles to come up with a single paragraph that makes any sense more than a couple of times a week, I frequently find myself in a state of gobsmacked awe when I visit T(N)VV.
    therobster nailed two of 2017’s finest in his comment, Nadine Shah’s LP in particular has blown me away. There are several more releases that have knocked my socks off this year too and I’ll do my best to string a few words together about a couple of them for your consideration at some point soon.

  5. Thanks for the namecheck there (in such illustrious company), JC – although I, like you, worked pretty hard over the summer building up a stash of posts to help me through September and August which are always busy at work with new students, classes etc. I’ve just about burned through those now and I’m flying by the seat of my pants till Christmas… but I like to live dangerously.

    I’m halfway through another ICA for you (well, I’ve written about the first two tracks… not really halfway… Maths never my strong point), but if inspiration strikes for anything else, I’ll certainly send it your way.

  6. I too am in awe of how you and others manage to come up with daily or at least very frequent posts. Whether you stockpile them in spurts or write daily, either way it’s a huge volume of thought, research, writing, planning, linking, etc. Huge admiration!
    Hope you enjoy a well-deserved rest from it all and I’ve no doubt the guest contributions will be as interesting and entertaining as ever. Take care JC.

  7. You have a wonderful community here, JC, and you provide a forum for people to write paeans to their favorite artists. You inspire us with the quality of your own writing, and the enthusiasm that you convey for the music that you love.

    No apologies are necessary; it’s refreshing to the mind and soul to take a holiday once in awhile, even a holiday from one’s hobbies.

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