We drank from cups on standard issue sofas under scaffolding
Informed sources said we were seen by observers, it`s a meeting

Howard Devoto has always had a fine way with words. But the thing is, his band always had a fine way with music.

I was very tempted to have Magazine take up the slot on Sundays when the XTC series comes to its conclusion, especially as I’d previously put Buzzcocks under the spotlight, but I’m going elsewhere with it.

This would have been #8 in a series, released in July 1980 on the back of great acclaim for its parent album The Correct Use Of Soap:-

mp3 : Magazine – Sweetheart Contract

The b-side of this 7″ piece of plastic was recorded at the The Russell Club, Manchester on 3rd May 1980. It’s a version that is far removed from the original and shows just how good the band were live back in their prime with Barry Adamson‘s bass and John Doyle‘s drums driving the song on at a frantic pace while John McGeogh (RIP) and Dave Formula batter away at lead guitar and keyboards respectively to create a sonic thunderstorm which will have caused bleeding ears for the sweaty audience in the confinement of such a small venue.

mp3 : Magazine – Feed The Enemy (live)

Compare and contrast with the epic recording of the original, with one of the most sneering vocals ever delivered in history of mankind:-

mp3 : Magazine – Feed The Enemy



  1. I *adore* Devoto’s lyrics, but you’re spot on about this being a band where the lyrics and the music are just perfectly matched. And yes – a Magazine singles slot would have been marvellous….

  2. Whenever I think I’ve written a good lyric I think “I’d’ve been Raskolnikov
    but Mother nature ripped me off” and tear it up.

  3. Definitely the real thinking man’s track from TCUOS, Sweetheart Contract. It’s one of those songs that strengthened the link between bands I loved because the first time I heard it I remember being reminded of More Songs About Buildings and Food era Talking Heads.
    Listening again today, it strikes me that the song could soundtrack a video montage of Trump’s rise to power and subsequent self promotion as President.

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