It’s been around 10 days since I last spent any time on this blog and it might well be about another 10 days before I can devote any real time to it again. But hey, there’s the very best of reasons why this is the case.

I initially met a golfing buddy who was over here from Canada before gearing myself up for an unforgettable weekend in which I took in three gigs in two days as well as……………………


Yup. I met Jonny the Friendly Lawyer aka Jonny Bottoms, the bassist with The Ponderosa Aces. I never imagined that anything could possibly top seeing Butcher Boy play a gig for the first time in four years but just 24 hours after that particularly momentous occasion I had the joy, honour and privilege of meeting one of the oldest friends of this blog. It was an amazing few hours that flew in far too quickly and is something I’ll return to in more detail in due course. Oh and I’ll also make time to review his band, as well as the gigs the previous day by the aforementioned Butcher Boy as well as TeenCanteen who also played a set in Glasgow as part of the celebrations of Record Store Day 2017.

The reason I’m holding off is the fact that in 72 hours time, I’ll be hooking up with more friends of this parish when Adam (Bagging Area), Brian (Linear Track Lives), Dirk (Sexy Loser) and Walter (A Few Good Times In My Life) begin to arrive in Glasgow where myself, Drew (Across The Kitchen Table) and Stevie (Charity Chic), supported by other friends of our respective blogs such as Aldo, Jacques the Kipper, Comrade Colin and Strangeways will be hooking up in Glasgow over a long weekend after Dirk decided a few months back that it would be a great idea.

I know a few others had been hopeful of making it along but logistics and other issues made it impossible on this occasion. But I’m 100% certain that Glasgow 2017 won’t be the last effort to get a group of like-minded souls together.  Spending a few hours with Jonny has not only more than whetted my appetite for this coming weekend but made me really determined to hook up with many others at some point in the future. There’s something very special about the people who frequent this little corner of the internet and its associated partners and on the basis of past experiences when the blogging mate finally gets to shake a hand a give a hug, then I know this coming weekend is going to be truly special, memorable and worth writing about.

I met Jonny in the company of a long-time mate, Ian, and it was interesting that he said to me afterwards that anyone looking at and listening to us in the Manchester pub would have never believed we had only just linked up in person for the first time given how natural and relaxed we were with one another. That’s actually been true of every blogging mate I’ve been lucky enough to meet over the years and I am hyper-excited at the idea of seeing Adam, Dirk, Walter and indeed Stevie for the first ever time (although in the case of the latter we know we’ve been in the same audience at gigs and so we might meet up and recognise one another) and a reunion with Brian who I met for a very short while back in 2012 when he came to Glasgow especially to see Big Country.

I’m almost 54 years of age and I feel like a kid in the last few days before Christmas, including an inability to sleep properly!!

mp3 : The Lemonheads – It’s About Time



  1. Gutted I couldn’t make it, hope you have more fun than is bloggerly possible. Happy Christmas JC!

  2. Like Jez I am distraught to be missing out on all the fun – and I’m certain there’ll be lots. Have a fabulous time everyone, take photos and share memories. Til the next time…

  3. Jonny is wearing a shirt that would make the other Johnny proud. Can’t wait to hear all about your Manchester adventure. As for Jonny, the Swede, Jez, Robster, Echorich, Rol and scores of others who can’t make it this time… we know you will be there in spirit. Glasses will be raised to you all. This little corner of the world wouldn’t be the same without you.

  4. Now I’ve seen your picture JC I’m glad I didn’t tap the shoulder of the guy at Butcher Boy who I thought may be you!

  5. If I had to guess who was the Glaswegian and who was the American, I think I’d have got it right! Sorry I can’t join you all, though to be fair, MrsRobster has been incapacitated with a back spasm this past week and is still struggling, so I probably would’ve had to pull out anyway. Definitely open to a South Wales meet up sometime with anyone who should happen to call by.

  6. The blogosphere will seem quite bereft without many of you this coming weekend!
    Looking forward to hearing all about it (except the football…)

  7. I’ve been happily regaling my very personal music-related tales for the last year thinking this is the most anonymous place on the internet – Turns out, not so much! It does sound as if this is a long awaited meet-up however so it will be epic I’m sure. A bit gutted for those of you who can’t make it but maybe the start of many. Enjoy the weekend.

  8. I’m not saying that you might get a surprise visitor but I’ve just seen swc looking at flights to Glasgow.

  9. NYC and Glasgow by way of Country Music…all are welcome and welcomed in our corner of the blogosphere! I will certainly be there in spirit this weekend and might even find something to share on my blog as a tribute to the meet up.

  10. “I’m not saying that you might get a surprise visitor but I’ve just seen swc looking at flights to Glasgow.”

    Icing on the cake if that happens. King Tut’s on Friday night at 7.30 if any of the WYCRA posse need to find us.

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