I never bought this single. I have no idea why not as I’ve just about every other 12″ release by the band from this era. I reckon it was down to a combination being a bit skint in January 1984 and the fact that it had been bought by one of my flatmates. It certainly was a big failing on my part as the lack of purchase eliminated it from eligibility for the 45 45s at 45 series.

The thing is, I never thought about picking up a second-hand version either as I had already picked up the extended version and the live b-side when I bought the Crystal Days boxset a few years back while the album version was of course available via Ocean Rain.

Except…….I was looking at a copy on Discogs and noticed (in a rather sad anoraky sort of way) that Do It Clean on the 12″ vinyl of The Killing Moon was marginally shorter in length than that on CD4 of Crystal Days. My interest was piqued and so I looked closer – the vinyl version was from the Royal Albert Hall in London on 18 July 1983 while the CD version was on 19 July 1983.  And having now listened to both of them, there are a small number of differences in the recordings.

All of which brings me to offering up, even though they have been on the blog before, all of the three tracks on a very special record that came inside, as you can see from above, a fabulous sleeve:-

mp3 : Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon (All Night Version)
mp3 : Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon
mp3 : Echo & The Bunnymen – Do It Clean (live, Royal Albert Hall, 18 July 1983)

The live version incorporates vocal elements of a few other songs as the band demonstrate just what a tour de force they were in the live setting at that point in time.



  1. To come in as a voice of reason between SA and Brian here, I will make the point the the 7″/album version and the All Night Long extended version are two different animals.
    The former is a grand, dark, religiously infused song of love, desire and commitment. It is the zenith for Echo And The Bunnymen – the highest point they would achieve – which saw their music transcend.
    But having said that, the All Night Long Extended Mix is just mammoth. It takes the song into a literary space, filled with dark shadows and stormy seas. The Bunnymen got every last drop of effort out of Adam Peters in his expanded orchestration of the song. The pizzicato strings, interacting with Will Sargeant’s sweeping psychedelic guitars, the middle coda of bass and cello countered with DeFrietas’ soft brush work on drums and McCulloch’s impassioned narration create a truly epic piece of music.

  2. I can only say that I bought the Japan-only Echo CD “New Live + Rare” in the 80s just to have the “All Night Long” version of this stupendous track. It’s still the only Echo + the Bunnymen release in my Record Cell! Yes, I am pathetic and lacking, but at least I had this all-time best 12″ mix on CD for nearly 30 years now!

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