Some mid-period Associates and Billy MacKenzie.

Just Can’t Say Goodbye was the Associates last single released in January 1991. However the song had slid out in tiny quantities as a very different version as the B-Side to the aborted “Country Boy” single back in 1988.

“The Best Of You” was a track on the 1985 “Perhaps” album. On the released album it was Eddi Reader who sang the duet with Billy MacKenzie. Here are the two versions recorded with A Lennox and Gina X. Yes… that A Lennox. I prefer the Gina X version myself.

Gina X version
A Lennox version

Cinemas Of The World 7” – Warners were keeping Billy from releasing records between 1985 and 1989. But Billy kept recording with other “associates”. This was Uno who released an album and this track was actually a single. There is a lengthier 12” version but I think the 7” mix is better.

Sid Law

4 thoughts on “REMEMBERING BILLY MACKENZIE (Day 4 of 5)

  1. Thank you for the posts on Billy (and lots of other good stuff). Regarding Mr. Mackenzie: I always thought that he was nearly singing with ZTT in the 80s. Paul Morley was quoted in the News section of the NME (when it was still readable) “We have signed the best (white?) soul singer” or something similar. That was around the “Heart of Glass” Release – when ZTT was distributed by WEA (Warner) who still had Billy on their rooster….
    But so far i cannot find any evidence on the www. Or is my mind playing tricks on me?

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