My good lady Rachel has long referred to the folk I correspond with through the blog as my imaginary friends.

But over the years I have been lucky enough to meet up with a fair number of great people whom I first got to know through interacting via e-mail around TVV – Comrade Colin, FiL, Ctel, Drew, Ed, Matthew, Brian, Tricia, Lis, Lloyd and Aye Tunes Jim all spring to mind. Next month, I get to hook up for the first time with some more friends in the shape of Jonny the Friendly Lawyer and Swiss Adam – the former being in Manchester on Sunday 23 April as bassist with The Ponderosa Aces and the latter living in that great city and intending (all being well) to hook up on the day.

That’s exciting enough, but early May is going to be genuinely special.

Dirk Huppertz was the first overseas reader to latch onto TVV in as much that he posted loads of comments and sent over e-mails of encouragement as I gingerly stumbled into the blogosphere. He had a great ability to make me laugh and we seemed to have a great deal in common in terms of musical tastes – I just found it incredible that someone from Germany was so knowledgable and enthusiastic about new wave and indie music.

For over ten years I’ve been wanting to buy Dirk a drink to say thank you. And at long last I’m going to get the opportunity…….

Dirk has been really keen for a while to try to get various bloggers together but his efforts have been in vain – it’s just been impossible for 15-20 folk to find the same day or weekend when they have no prior commitments through work or family. So he decided that he would set a date that suited him best and make his way to Glasgow with an open invite for folk to join him. I was delighted at long last I was going to meet him and geared myself up for the two of us, with maybe a couple of other local bloggers in tow, to have a few beers on the first weekend of May 2017.

But then a few others said they would also come long, although sadly a few others just could not make it for very good reasons. Others at this stage some five weeks out are still thinking about it. My other great German blogging friend – Walter – is flying in. Brian, whom I met and had a great day in Glasgow a few years back, is seriously contemplating coming in from Seattle**. Swiss Adam is coming up from Manchester. Drew is going to make a night of it in the city. I’m also going to meet Charity Chic for the first time (although when we see each other I’ve a feeling we’ll recognise one another from being at the same gigs). Friends of the blog such as Jacques the Kipper, Aldo and Comrade Colin are going to come along and I’m hopeful too that a couple of others might be able to make a late call to be part of what will be an incredible experience.

I’m excited about it, but nervous too. Not from meeting everyone as I’ve never yet hooked up with a previously imaginary friend and been disappointed – if anything they’ve all proven to be even more handsome, gorgeous, witty, charming and delightful in real life than they come across via the typed word. I just don’t want to let anybody down by choosing the wrong bars, restaurants and places of interest and they end up going home slightly underwhelmed by it all.

But I’m sure that won’t happen. Fingers crossed.

mp3 : Orange Juice – Simply Thrilled Honey
mp3 : Buzzcocks – Friends of Mine
mp3 : The Wedding Present – You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends (Peel Session)


** Update : Brian IS coming all the way over from Seattle.



  1. Hope you all have a great time. Seems like the perfect opportunity for a rather positive song from this cheerful chap…

  2. Yep, got my flight earlier this week. So, what do you want from America? The first person that says leadership gets a bust in the chops. Looking forward to seeing my imaginary friends.

  3. Our own political leaders over here are, for the most part, just as awful as your Pres.

    Bring Advil. You may need it for your hangover (to be fair, I have some….my mum brings me back supplies from her sojourns to see my wee brother in Florida).

    Really looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting up with you again Brian. It still all seems unreal…

  4. Jealousy! Jealousy! No, but seriously, it sounds like a wonderful time will be had! On the appointed day, if there’s a shot of Bourbon and a pint set in place, I will be there in spirit, and drinking it from my Floridian corner of the Blogosphere!!!!

  5. Great to hear that Brian is officially coming all the way from Seattle – what a legend
    And chapeau to Dirk and Walter too (don’t know the German for hat!)

  6. Have yourselves a merry little imaginary christmas — wish I could join in but nonetheless super psyched to meet JC (and perhaps also the bagging aerialist?) in Manchester in just a few weeks’ time.

  7. Sorry for the belated reply, mate, just found the time to read this! I’m sure the meeting will be a gem and I can’t imagine that we don’t get along perfectly well. And, Brian, a can of Root Beer would be neat, rather impossible to get hold of here in Germany!

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