The Radio One Sessions CDs were very limited and sell for stupid money now.

So a few Radio One Sessions!

A combination of tracks recorded for the Saturday Live session in January 1985 and a Janice Long Session in September 1985.

A Severe Bout of Career Insecurity – MacKenzie song. No full studio recording exists only this Radio One Session.

Kites – A cover of the Simon Dupree and The Big Sound song. Billy had already recorded a stonking version with Alan Rankine as 39 Lyon Street and a version on the flipside of the 12” of “Breakfast”.

The Crying Game – Dave Berry’s 1964 hit given the Associates 1984 treatment. Performed first as part of an acoustic, pared-down set at Ronnie Scott’s.

The Girl That Took Me – A slowed down version of their flop single “Take Me To The Girl”. A wonderful camp, tongue in cheek dedication to Janice Long as well.

This Flame – Another MacKenzie song with no full studio recording and only exists on this Radio One Session.

Sid Law

3 thoughts on “REMEMBERING BILLY MACKENZIE (Day 3 of 5)

  1. This version of The Crying Game is spine tingling and then it chokes me up. Just beautiful…
    There is an essence of La Vie En Rose to The Girl That Took Me…sublime.
    This Flame needs no words to describe its beauty.

  2. This version of Kites is my favourite. It is one of Billy’s gifts that he can reinterpret a song many different ways, and having done it one way, he can still surprise you by doing the same song completely differently.

    Check out Kites live on French TV on You Tube as an example of what I’m talking about. Such a different and spine tingling (common word in describing Mackenzie’s work) performance.

    This one is my fave though.

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