I previously gave a mention to Copy Haho over on the old blog and in a later re-run at this place in October 2013 when I said:-

A four-piece outfit originally from the town of Stonehaven which is just a couple of train stops south of Aberdeen in the north-east of Scotland. I saw Copy Haho as a support act at King Tut’s a few years ago and was impressed enough to buy a bit of vinyl on the night. Turns out it was their debut 7″ Bookshelf which came out in a limited run of 500 back in 2006. Since then I’ve picked up a further two 7″ singles that were released in 2008 and 2009 but not their debut LP which came out in 2011.

It would appear from a lack of activity on various parts of social media that the band called it a day at the end of the year that the album came out. I do recall them getting a reasonable amount of positive coverage from local press and some bloggers when the album came out and it’s a pity, like so many other decent enough but not outstanding bands (albeit they have way more talent than I could ever muster!), they just couldn’t ever break out of cult status.

Here’s another of their singles – one of four they released in their career – this dates from 2008

mp3 : Copy Haho – You Are My Coalmine


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