Those of you (and I would imagine that’s almost all of you) who wander over to WYCRA for the latest musings from SWC and Tim Badger will be aware that their blog is temporarily and understandably closing down for a bit. Tim’s wife, Lorna, is in hospital after a very serious car crash and writing about music in that wonderfully idiosyncratic and hilariously entertaining style of theirs is the last thing on his and SWC’s minds.

I’ve never met Tim or SWC or either of their wives, but I feel I’ve got to know them well enough over the past four or so years since we first hooked up to regard the boys as good friends and I’d like to think the girls have shared the occasional laugh at some of the music and words that have been exchanged via postings, comments and e-mails. I was deeply affected on hearing of Lorna’s accident and although I’m supposed to be the sort who can find the right words for any occasion, I really struggled to do so yesterday.

Like everyone else who has left a message over at WYCRA, my thoughts and best wishes for a speedy and full recovery are with Lorna, Tim and their entire family and circle of close friends. It’s one of those times when I wish I could do something more meaningful and worthy than simply dedicate a song to them. But it’s all I can think of today:-

mp3 : The Housemartins – Lean On Me

True fact. Today’s post was originally going to be a Housemartins ICA. It will appear soon.


  1. In his post about the sad news SWC mentioned the close community of folks who check in to this site, WYCRA and others. It truly is an impressive crowd and an honor to be a part of. In tough times it’s comforting to be able to draw support from such a thoughtful, caring group. We haven’t all met, but we’re not strangers by any means. Here’s to hoping our collective warmth and positivity will reach Tim and Lorna and help them get through this. Lean on us.

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