Here’s a band that I’ve had three or four goes at trying to do an ICA but howver much I push it around it always ends up just being full of great singles.

These tunes are lifted from a 12″ single released away back in 1990 which featured a top-notch b-side as well as a radical remix of an earlier single:-

mp3 : The Cure – Never Enough (Big Mix)
mp3 : The Cure – Harold and Joe
mp3 : The Cure – Let’s Go To Bed (Milk Mix)

And while I’m here, in celebration of the fact that The Twilight Sad have been opening for The Cure throughout the world tour of 2016….

mp3 : Robert Smith – There’s A Girl In The Corner

B-side to It Was Never The Same, the Sad’s final single of 2015.



  1. From NYC to Miami I’m happy to report that The Twilight Sad were treated with great appreciation opening on The Cure’s current tour. Their choice as an opener was just genius.
    So here’s a stab at a quick non-singles Cure ICA – happy to elaborate on it if requested:

    1. Fire In Cairo
    2. The Holy Hour
    3. Six Different Ways
    4. The Perfect Girl
    5. M
    6. Birdmad Girl
    7. Catch
    8. A Strange Day
    9. Pictures Of You
    10. End

  2. Just wanted to be clever, Echorich, and tell you that ‘Catch’ WAS released as a single in 1987, but apparently you were right, as you usually are: it indeed wasn’t offered for the US market: any idea why this was ?… I mean, it was a stunning tune, still is, in fact!

  3. my list would also be loads of singles… except nos 1+2 on this list…

    1. like cockatoos
    2. push
    3. the same deep water as you
    4. shake dog shake
    5. fire in cairo
    6. six different ways
    7. catch (if echorich can have it then so can i)
    8. how beautiful you are
    9. prayer for rain
    10. the blood

  4. I’m going to fall on m sword here and say that I should have known Catch was a UK single and thus not included it in my rushed ICA – replacement track would go to All I Want.
    When The Cure played at MSG in NYC on The Kissing Tour, this was one of the highlights for me. The sound system the band used for that show would send the songs out in a circular ring of sound which was both oddly archaic and psychedelic and at the same time boosted the energy the band was putting out.

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