One of the most enjoyable things about the four and a bit summer months I lived in Toronto back in 2007 was the weather. It’s easy to forget, due to the harsh winters that the city and indeed Canada as whole seems to experience is that Toronto is situated on the same latitude as Southern France/Northern Spain and gets lots of t-shirt weather.

This meant I did a lot of walking around neighbourhoods that were of course completely unfamiliar to me, some of which I could see had changed dramatically as a result of new money and investment flooding in. Dare I say the word gentrification?

One such are was in the vicinity of the underground station of Summerhill where a mix of old and new seemed to be pretty well-balanced.  It was where I found Joseph’s the most amazing barber shop which basically hadn’t changed since its opening back in 1959…including many of the old men who were cutting the hair.  It became my go to place every three weeks or so despite being many miles from where I was staying.

Why am I wittering on like this today?  It’s all down to the fact that the latest and dare I say it, magnificent, compilation is ready just in time for the end of the working week and old-fashioned barbers like Joseph’s would, back in the days, ask gentlemen if they perhaps required any accessories for the gallivanting evenings that were on the horizon….

mp3 : Various – Something For The Weekend

Feel free to make this your very own Saturday Night Fever soundtrack; but remember that it is can equally be enjoyed on any day of the week, no matter the hour.

The Boy With The Thorn In His Side – The Smiths
I Like Birds But I Like Other Animals Too – The Lovely Eggs
Buddy Holly – Weezer
Everybody Knows The Monkey – Mighty Mighty
Wrote For Luck – Happy Mondays
Sexy Boy – Air
Head Full Of Steam – The Go-Betweens
Hit – Sugarcubes
Party Fears Two – Associates
Thou Shalt Always Kill – Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip
Situation – Yazoo
Back Of Love – Echo & The Bunnymen
Sugar Kane – Sonic Youth
Fix Up, Look Sharp – Dizzee Rascal
Bizarre Love Triangle – New Order
Nobody’s Twisting Your Arm – The Wedding Present

An hour well spent if I say so myself.


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