1. I liked Soft Cell at the time, their singles anyway. I remember looking at Non Stop Erotic Cabaret in the record racks, and thinking I can’t buy this and play it at home! Seedy looking, seedy sounding song titles, in short a window into a world I knew nothing about. Lol

    And while I still don’t exactly know that world, I finally heard the album last year whe modern technology meant I could download it “safely”.

    And yes, JC, after all these years I can finally say it is a classic. I kinda always knew it would be.

  2. It’s always going to feel odd calling the music I love “Classic” or “Epic”. Those are terms used to honor work of artists that I’ve never had any real affinity for. Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret – and its sister album, Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing, are foundations for the electronic music I would have a love for the majority of my lifetime.
    Soft Cell were bare, raw, uncompromising in the way they addressed the world around them in words and sounds. They proved music didn’t have to be about fable kingdoms or misogynist sex fantasies and one’s sexuality didn’t need to hide behind Zandra Rhodes stage costumes and laddish behavior.
    Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret had its origins in the seamy, shadows that The Velvet Underground romanticized almost a generation before. Their stories of love and sex and isolation were tangible. They may have been shocking to some but they were painting a picture of a parallel rather thank alternative reality with a passion that still feels enormous today.

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