The first of the singles to hit the Top 10 reaching #3 just after its release on 26 October 1979 around the same time as the Setting Sons album gave The Jam their first Top 5 LP.

mp3 : The Jam – The Eton Rifles
mp3 : The Jam – See-Saw

The album version is also getting an airing today.  It’s not much different except that there’s an extra 30 seconds or so of incendiary guitar playing after the three-minute mark and it was this version that tended to feature in the live setting:-

mp3 : The Jam – The Eton Rifles (LP version)

Two more bonus versions, the first being from the Peel Session recorded on 29 October 1979 and broadcast on 5 November 1979. To be honest it sounds a little limp compared to the studio versions:-

mp3 : The Jam – The Eton Rifles (Peel Session)

Finally what could well be the best version of the lot…

mp3 : The Jam – The Eton Rifles (demo)

Recorded in July 1979 as a solo recording by Paul Weller.


4 thoughts on “THE JAM SINGLES (9)

  1. Just when they had us settled into a certain brand of post punk mod sound, comes this incendiary single! Eton Riles proves that Weller & Co. were not following anyone’s lead, but carving out an aggressive, deep, musical path of their own.

  2. how very apropos,

    Thought you were clever when you lit the fuse,
    Tore down the house of commons in your brand new shoes,
    Composed a revolutionary symphony,
    Then went to bed with a charming young pig

    Hello-Hurray – cheers then, mate. It’s the Eton Rifles, Eton Rifles
    Hello-Hurray – an extremist scrape with the Eton Rifles, Eton Rifles

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