Now I might have been surprised at Age of Chance being part of CD86 (see Part 34 for details) but I’m bemused as to the inclusion of biG*fLaME although the reason is probably the same as last week in that they were part of the original C86 cassette – although this most likely had more to do with office politics at the NME than the music.

Named after a revolutionary socialist feminist grouping that had formed in 1970, this Manchester-based trio, consisting of Alan Brown (bass, vocals), Greg Keeffe (guitar) and Dil Green (drums), were incredibly different from most.  They were more punk than indie with an uncompromising sound and attitude.

Their debut single was released in 1984 on their own Laughing Gun label after which they became part of Ron Johnson Records (you’ll note that I didn’t use the word signed as I don’t think that would have been part of the band’s manifesto).  There would be just the four 7″ singles, one 10″ EP and one 12″ compilation issued between 1985 and 1987 before the end of biG*FlaME. but Browne and Keefe joined other Manchester bands with varying degrees of success.

It is fair to say they were an acquired taste but my good mate Jacques the Kipper has always been a fan. Here’s the track from CD86:-

mp3 : biG*fLaME – Why Popstars Can’t Dance

It was the third of the singles release on the Ron Johnson label back in 1986.  There were two bits of music on the b-side:-

mp3 : biG*fLaME – Chanel Samba
mp3 : biG*fLaME – Breath Of A Nation


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