I couldn’t believe it either!!

Fair enough that the singles charts have not been targeted all that much in recent times, but I was bemused to learn that late 1992 with this cover version was the last time that Marc Almond enjoyed genuine commercial success:-

mp3 : Marc Almond – The Days Of Pearly Spencer

It’s also a fact that all five of his singles which have made the Top 20 since the initial demise of Soft Cell are cover versions :-

I Feel Love (with Bronski Beat) in 1985
Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart (with Gene Pitney) in 1988
Tainted Love ’91 (as part of Soft Cell) in 1991
Jacky in 1991
The Days Of Pearly Spencer in 1992

I could have sworn there had been some success with one or more of his own compositions, but Stories of Johnny (1985), Tears Run Rings (1988), A Lover Spurned (1990), and Adored And Explored (1995) didn’t get any higher than the mid 20s chart-wise.

Again, I find that to be something quite bemusing as many of his own compositions have been excellent releases which usually received the full marketing and promotional treatment from his record labels.

As ever, here’s the b-sides of the single featured today:-

mp3 : Marc Almond – Bruises
mp3 : Marc Almond – Dancing In A Golden Cage


7 thoughts on “23 YEARS SINCE HIS LAST TOP 20 HIT??

  1. Of all the ones you mention, Tears Run Rings was the one for me. That was the only Almond solo song to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 here in America. It peaked at No. 67.

  2. Agree about Tears Run Rings – amazing song and should have been a massive hit. Almond’s voice is wonderful – he should be a massive star.

  3. I much prefer the original version if Pearly Spencer. Something of a guilty pleasure. Although this version is really good.

  4. Anyone who love Marc Almond needs to hear his latest album, The Velvet Trail. It is some his best songwriting and singing of his career. The songs range from pop to torch songs to shade of glam, with some rye Almond-esque twists along the way. It’s head and shoulders above all the other contenders for my favorite album of the year.
    As for those charting singles during his solo career, you have to admit he OWNS Jacky and Days Of Pearly Spencer. There’s just no competition there.

  5. I think Marc has always had a talent for reinterpreting other people’s songs – ‘A Man’ and ‘Yesterday When I Was Young’ on Absinthe are great and there are several exceptional cover versions on A Woman’s Story (Some Songs To Take To The Tomb) mini LP and Heart on Snow LP. He also had a habit of burying good songs on b-sides – the semi-chaotic ‘Black Mountain Blues’ being my absolute favourite (“Got the devil in my soul and a whole lot of bad booze…”) – and that’s a cover version too.

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