Here’s the basics.   For all the information you want, I can make no better suggestion than recommending Five Hungry Joes, a wonderfully curated and maintained fan website.

Trashcan Sinatras came together in 1986 in Irvine, a town on the Ayrshire coast, some 30 miles south-west of Glasgow.   Still very much on the go today, with four of its members, Frank Reader (vocals), John Douglas (guitar), Paul Livingston (guitar), and Stephen Douglas (drums) having been part of things from the beginning.

Signed to Go! Discs for whom three albums were recorded – Cake (1990), I’ve Seen Everything (1993) and A Happy Pocket (1996).  There’s since been three more albums – Weightlifting (2004), In The Music (2009) and Wild Pendulum (2016).

They have been consistently excellent their entire career.  I’ve long intended to come up with an ICA of my own as a companion piece to #24 in the series, which was pulled together by rhetor.

mp3: Trashcan Sinatras – Stainless Stephen

A b-side.  Some of their best songs only ever appeared as b-sides, and that was because they cared about what was added to the singles on the basis that many of their own favourite bands across the years had done similar.

Inspired by Stephen Milligan, a Tory MP who met, shall we say, rather an unfortunate end.  Click here for more.



  1. Well, that was, erm… jolly?

    I first became aware of them in 88 or 89 due to a most vocal Irvine contingent. I loved and later bought Obscurity Knocks and Only Tongue Can Tell upon release only revisiting with To Sir With Love.

    Obscurity Knocks came with a free lilac labelled 12″ inserted with no info on it. ’tis a Test Pressing of Obscurity Knocks.

    I know the band are highly regarded by many – the relatively recent show in Glasgow to accompany a book about the band had grown women and men giddy with excitement.

    I really must explore more… Stainless Stephen serves to illustrate the point.

  2. I always liked what I heard but for some inexplicable reason I never really got into Trashcan Sinatras. Having been given a second chance to (literally) dive into the vault via membership with Last Night From Glasgow, I realise now what I’ve been missing. Great post, JC.

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