The final set of matches from the first knockout round proved to be something of an anticlimax in that one side in each of the four ties  established a dominant lead early from the outset that they never looked like relinquishing

Match 29 : Elvis Costello 36 The Who 3

Match 30 : David Bowie 27 Carter USM 14

Match 31: Davy Henderson 7 v Terry Hall 33

Match 32: The Cure 33 v The Chameleons 8

The last Sunday in October and we’ve finally reached Round 2, with 32 teams left standing.  It’ll take four weeks to work our way through this stage.

Today’s quartet features those who got through from the first and second weeks in Round 1, with the songs up for consideration in this round now being the third tracks on Side A of the ICA in question.

Iggy Pop (ICA 183) v Ballboy (ICA 175)

mp3: Iggy Pop – I Need More v mp3 : Ballboy -Songs For Kylie

Blondie (ICA 198) v Stevie Wonder (ICA 233)

mp3: Blondie – In The Flesh v mp3 : Stevie Wonder – You Haven’t Done Nothin’

Edwyn Collins (ICA 298) v The Jam (ICA 152)

mp3: Edwyn Collins – Losing Sleep v mp3: The Jam – Away From The Numbers

Joy Division (ICA 160) v Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry (ICA 250)

mp3: Joy Division – Atmosphere v mp3: Brian Ferry – A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall

As ever, thanks for taking part.  Voting closes at midnight (UK time) next Friday, which is the 4th of November.

PS : If anyone wants something other than World Cup stuff to deal with just now, then you could maybe take a trip over to No Badger Required where I’ve penned a piece on Songs to Remember, the debut album from Scritti Politti, released back in 1982. Just click here.



  1. Argh! Two favourites up against each other but… there’s a clear winner.

    Joy Division

  2. Ballboy
    Edwyn Collins
    Joy Divison

    In a Take-any-4-out-of-8 ICA World Cup I would choose the last four songs. Every now and then this competition is a painfull expierence.

  3. I’ve yet to call them all right so far, but have a pretty solid 50% success rate in calling them. This time I didn’t mind being wrong on one, as a favourite, Terry, makes it through. Though I suspect judging by the lopsided nature of the contest, something funny was going on there. On to this week, assuming I’m still in time! I see that it contains two favourites, and wouldn’t ya know it? They’re pitted against each other! Well, I guess, the up side is that at least one of them will make it to the next round! As for the rest, at least a couple of them sounded like they wouldn’t be out of place on one of the Dr. Demento Radio shows I’ve been listening to lately…
    Iggy Pop v Ballboy
    Close one here, back and forth, finally settled on the one that rocks more.
    Iggy Pop
    Blondie V Stevie Wonder
    Not that close, though I liked them both.
    Stevie Wonder
    Edwyn Collins v The Jam
    Not the best effort by either of them, so good thing they went up against each other. Liked them equally, went with the artist I am more fond of.
    Edwyn Collins
    Joy Division (ICA 160) v Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry (ICA 250)
    Not much of a fan of joyless atmospherics, so it’s…
    Roxy Music

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