It’s something of a failing on my part that I don’t own any records by Strike The Colours.  The band was formed back in 2006 by Jenny Reeve, a musician I have long admired from her work with Arab Strap, not to mention both of Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton on albums they have released outside of their band.

Jenny’s prime instrument is the violin, but she’s also a very fine singer and accomplished guitarist.   Strike The Colours have released three albums – The Face That Sunk A Thousand Ships (2007), Seven Roads (2009) and Flock (2018).  The other musicians who have been part of the band over the years are also a sort of who’s who in Scottish alt/indie/folk music, having worked in or with the likes of Emma Pollock, The Vaselines, Idlewild, The Phantom Band, Sons & Daughters, and The Unwinding Hours to name but a few.

And yet……I haven’t forked out the cash. Sorry guys…..

All I have is one track, thanks to its inclusion on the Ballads of The Book compilation, issued by Chemikal Underground in 2007, for a Scottish Arts Council-backed project in which musicians and poets came together to write new songs:-

mp3: Strike The Colours and Rody Gorman – Message In A Bottle

Rody Gorman was born in Dublin in 1960, but has lived most of his life in Scotland, specialising in Gaelic writing.



  1. I think I’ve got two and would highly recommend Flock, which was recorded ages ago but only released in 2017/18 with minimal fanfare, I think there was just one show. Definitely worth checking out.

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