Last week’s preview suggested that the bookies would have had a few teams installed as odds-on favourites; in other words, it looked like there were some mismatches, which turned out to be the case with three games done and dusted before sunrise on Monday morning.  The other game, however, did swing back and forth a bit for most of the week, and indeed for most of the time, there was never more than one ‘goal’ separating the teams.

In the end, it came down to Aldo, who was second-last to get involved this week, some six hours prior to the deadline.  I know that he doesn’t look at the previous submissions, and so he wouldn’t have known that him typing the words ‘Orange Juice (disputed penalty sends them through)’ would prove to be so prophetic.

Match 25 : The Sweet 31 Chumbawamba 8

Match 26 : The Triffids 10 Soft Cell 31

Match 27: Orange Juice 20 Bauhaus 19

Match 28: Comsat Angels 12 The Breeders 27

And now, it’s the final four match-ups in Round 1.

Elvis Costello (2nd in Group H) v The Who (7th in Group E)

mp3: Elvis Costello – Veronica v mp3 : The Who – I’m One

David Bowie (3rd in Group F) v Carter USM (6th in Group G)

mp3: David Bowie – The Stars (Are Out Tonight) v mp3 : Carter USM – My Second To Last Will and Testament

Davy Henderson (4th in Group E) v Terry Hall (5th in Group F)

mp3: The Sexual Objects – Here Come The Rubber Cops v mp3: Dub Pistols – Rapture (radio edit)

(a match-up between two ICAs in which the featured artist was part of more than one act)

The Cure (1st in Group G) v The Chameleons (8th in Group H)

mp3: The Cure – Pictures Of You v mp3: The Chameleons – Second Skin

As ever, thanks for taking part.  Voting closes at midnight (UK time) next Friday, which is the 28th of October.


44 thoughts on “ICA WORLD CUP 2022 : ROUND ONE OF THE KNOCKOUT STAGE (viii)

  1. Elvis Costello (I always loved that track)
    Bowie (really sorry to vote against Carter, especially as they sampled Bowie on that same album)
    Dub Pistols/Terry Hall (it may be a cover, but that Sexual Objects track is terrible. Yes, I actually listen to these things…)
    The Cure (a song MrsRobster and I regard as ours, so no contest really)

  2. Match 1 – neither please thank you very much!
    Match 2 – Cart3er USM
    Match 3 – Dub Pistols
    Match 4 V tight game but has to be ThecriminallyoverlookedintheirdayChameleons! (Fat Bob’s song is a good ‘un but 2nd Skin long been a favourite of mine so…)

  3. Elvis Costello
    David Bowie (I love Carter, but this wouldn’t even be a fair match.)
    Terry Hall
    The Cure

  4. Elvis Costello
    David Bowie
    Terry Hall

    Can artists that have passed on still win a “World Cup”!???


  5. 1) Elvis Costello – Veronica
    (though far from my favourite EC song)
    2) Carter USM – My Second To Last Will and Testament
    (surprise result here as I’m a bigger fan of Bowie, but it had to be about the songs and Carter edged it)
    3) Terry Hall / Dub Pistols – Rapture (radio edit)
    (The Sexual Objects song is good but vocally, Terry was always going to have the advantage over Davy)
    4) The Cure – Pictures Of You
    (to be honest, I prefer the Dub Remix over the album version and I love The Chameleons and it was a close run thing at the end)

  6. Costello
    Carter (Not a massive fan of carter these days – very much of their time for me – but this is the better song!)
    Terry Hall
    The Cure

  7. Well, back to being 50/50 again this week. I can only say that while The Triffids not taking their match might have been due to an off day, such a lopsided loss can only evidence that the officials have been paid off! On to this week’s picks!

    Elvis Costello v The Who
    While more of a Who fan than an EC fan, neither song thrills. Though I really wanted to like the album, Quadrophenia never hit a note for me. At least Veronica has an upbeat tune. My choice;
    Elvis Costello

    David Bowie v Carter USM
    Sort of close, but sort of not. Both have appeal, one a little more than the other. My choice;
    Carter USM

    Davy Henderson v Terry Hall
    Dang it, Terry, just like Chumbawamba last week, a less than stellar effort. So, once more, I must go with the song by the artist I know nothing about versus the one I like a lot. My choice;
    Davy Henderson

    The Cure v The Chameleons
    Urg, The Chameleons just never did it for me, and this song didn’t change my mind. My choice;
    The Cure

  8. Elvis Costello – Veronica
    Carter USM – My Second To Last Will and Testament
    Dub Pistols – Rapture (radio edit)
    The Chameleons – Second Skin

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