This will be a painful listen if you actually take the plunge and click on today’s mp3.  I’ve this one, courtesy of it being Track 21 on Disc 5 of the Big Gold Dreams : A Story of Scotland’s Independent Music 1977 – 1989 boxset.

Here’s the accompanying text in the booklet:-

Calling their debut EP Bros Are Pish and leading with a cover of I Should Be So Lucky was quite a calling card for the Erskine-sired quartet of vocalist Phil Eaglesham (aka P6), guitarist Andy MacDonald (alias Dr. Technology), bassist Steven MacDougall (aka Mofungo Diggs) and drummer Richie Dempsey. 

Sporting gas masks and balaclavas for live shows, The Stretchheads (they soon dropped the definitive article) took their moves from the American hardcore scene, and followed that debut EP with several records on Blast First.

Groin Death appeared on Pathological Compilation, the first release on the label founded by Kevin Martin, better known these days as The Bug.  In due course, Stretchheads released the Pish In Your Sleazebag album and Barbed Anal Exciter 10″ before Eaglesham and Dempsey joined DeSalva, whose album, Mood Poisoner, was released on Mogwai’s Rock Action label.

mp3: Stretchheads – Groin Death

It does only last 80 seconds, but to some of you it will feel like an eternity.



  1. Sure I saw the Stretchheads at the 3 Eye Centre? An Iron Bru sponsored event maybe? It’s all a long time ago and very fuzzy 😃

  2. Confrontational. That how I’d sum up Stretchheads, DeSalvo and PH Family. Bands I enjoy if only for short bursts. I’ve seen all of the bands live – not for the faint hearted.

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