Some extracts from ICA 33.

Enola Gay

Likely the band’s most recognized and iconic song, this is a great introduction to the dual nature of so many OMD songs: a danceable and poppy synthesizer sound, but married to much darker lyrics…this time about the airplane that dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

There is in fact generally a fascination in the songs of OMD with historical air, rail, and naval transportation. That is, the sometimes strikingly transcendent potential of all three is often contrasted with their darker destructive power, a theme which runs through the songs and albums of the band throughout their 35 year career. This is perhaps most obvious when one glances from the 1983 Dazzle Ships concept album to the 1993 Liberator album (with its nose cone cover art), to their most recent work following the 2006 resurrection of the band following a ten-year hiatus, 2013’s English Electric.


For me, this is the best track on what is probably the strongest, and most experimental “long ahead of its time” album the band ever created, Dazzle Ships. So good it was, in fact, that it lost the band about 90% of its audience overnight, but satisfied the band’s inner need to experiment with every electronic toy, every tape loop, every newsreel sample, every strange sound and industrial screech at their disposal.


A return here to the earlier material (1981), and the more conventionally “critically approved” material, this time with founder and synth-player Paul Humphreys taking a relatively rare turn on vocals.  But did you hear the 1998 remixes by Sash and Moby, with their deep house re-envisioning of the songs on Architecture and Morality? I believe the interested can find them on YouTube…


PS : A late edition to today’s scheduled post.  It’s nothing to do with OMD and some of you may already have come across it.

Craig, from Plain or Pan, has come up with an amazing concept for one of the greatest and most moving songs of all time.

It’s well worth a few minutes of your time.


2 thoughts on “NOSTALGIA IN SEPTEMBER (8)

  1. Of all the OG synth pop outfits out of the UK, I think OMD have held up the best. Lots of timeless songs in the catalog.

  2. OMD hold up, apart from their mushy middle of the road period, due to them being genuinely geeky people whose music reflected this. They didn’t pick up synthesizers to become popular! That wasn’t on their radar! I think that synthpop was over once it became a career path! And gave us Howard Jones.

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