….in that you wait ages for one and then another comes hard on its heels

It was just last month that I gave Spare Snare a first ever mention on the blog, thanks to the Scottish songs series reaching that part of the alphabet.

I mentioned that the band, having previously worked with Steve Albini in 2018, were reuniting with him in an Edinburgh studio later this year, only this time instead of revisiting old songs, they will be looking to make an album with exclusively new material.

Spare Snare will be offering fans and other interested music lovers the opportunity to hear the new songs before they go into the studio, thanks to a couple of small venue gigs in Dundee and Glasgow next month.  Details can be found here.  I’ll certainly be making my way to the Hug & Pint in Glasgow on the 19th.

I thought it would be worthwhile demonstrating exactly how Steve Albini shaped things up by offering the chance to hear the original take on a couple of songs alongside the versions issued on Sounds, which originally came out on CD on Chute Records in 2019 and last year, on vinyl, via Last Night From Glasgow.

mp3: Spare Snare – Super Slinky
mp3: Spare Snare – Super Slinky (Sounds Version)

The original dates from 1995 and was issued on the very first Spare Snare CD, Live At Home.

mp3: Spare Snare – Grow
mp3: Spare Snare – Grow (Sounds version)

The original dates from 2006 and can be found on the album Garden Leave. The re-recording shows that Steve Albini isn’t just about making loud music, and with a trumpet solo from Ali Hendry of Randolph’s Leap very much to the fore, maybe it’s one for Jonny’s next themed ICA…..

As I said last time out, I’m really looking forward to this latest album hitting the on-line and physical stores next year.


2 thoughts on “ALMOST LIKE BUSES….

  1. This is the 3rd amazing band that you’ve introduced me to. The others being Sons & Daughters and Urusei Yatsura. That’s three pints I owe you!

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