It wasn’t regarded as being all that cracking back in May 1985.  Indeed, it was regarded as something of a joke, as indeed were the band.  It’s since become a staple at every indie/twee disco across the planet, and the tune something of a template for many badge-wearing boys and girls who wanted to sing quietly into a microphone.  I’ve a feeling the modern-day Primal Scream wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face if they tried to play this live these days.

mp3: Primal Scream – All Fall Down

The indie kids of the era have long said that they preferred its b-side.  It certainly does fill floors whenever it gets aired.

mp3: Primal Scream – It Happens

All told, the two songs have a combined running length of not too much more than four minutes.  It could be argued, with merit, that other bands were better at this sort of thing than Primal Scream, and it was best for all concerned when Andrew Weatherall got his hands on their material and changed things forever.  But there’s something very innocent and charming about this 45, and indeed its follow-up Crystal Crescent (b/w) Velocity Girl, which make the songs an enjoyable and enduring listen all these years later.



  1. I like the single A & B and the sleeve, which I didn’t realise was a cropped and retouched image of Françoise Hardy until relatively recently! Unsurprisingly, I’m a much bigger fan of the Andrew Weatherall/Screamadelica material, but I’m glad that their story started here.

  2. I know it’s sacrilege in this neighborhood, but a couple of us think the Jim Beattie era is the best period of Primal Scream… he says as he packs a bag and runs for the hills.

  3. This is my kind of Primal Scream. There was a distinct naivete from the Glasgow-Bellshill scene with later additions to include but not be limited to: Holy Moly, The Mole In The Hole, Molly’s Lips – all adding to what had come before and each bringing a great big smile to my face.

    I agree this single is a great debut and nothing to be ashamed of – it should be celebrated by the band. Without it and subsequent releases, would we have the Primal Scream of today?

    I know little about Primal Scream. I tuned out after the eponymous LP but rate, rather highly, what came before.

  4. They were playing Velocity Girl on their 2019 tour so they did dip back into this era – it got a good reaction from the crowd on the night I saw them

  5. Velocity Girl was aces. Then Primal Scream became the indie Tm Petty and the Heartbreakers, by the numbers. Sorry.

  6. I am on that a boat that’s sailing on the sea of naïvety that the earliest Primal Scream navigated. Over the last 40+ years I’ve watched so many bands I loved at the beginning of their careers turn into just another version of The Small Faces, Stones or Aerosmith. Everything up to and including Loaded is peerless for me, from their it’s cherry picking season.

  7. I’m obviously a big fan of the Weatherall Scream stuff but the early singles are full of charm, Velocity Girl especially. All Fall Down is decent enough c86 indie pop. Velocity Girl is a blast and supposedly the inspiration for Made Of Stone. Jim Beattie’s next step, Spirea X produced some cracking psychedelic indie circa 1990.

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