PJ Harvey can pick up the guitar and rock with the very best of them.  She can also sit down at a piano and compose ballads as well as anyone.

Both of these sides can be found on a rare 7″ single from October 2001.

mp3: PJ Harvey – This Is Love
mp3: PJ Harvey – Angelene (taken from Lamacq Live)

Punk blues with more than a hint of lust is as good a description as any for the a-side, the third and final single from the album Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea, released in 2000. It peaked just outside the Top 40, as had also been the case with Good Fortune and A Place Called Home.

The single was primarily made available on CD, but a 7″ single was pressed in a fairly small number, which nowadays fetches upwards of £30 on the second-hand market. And no, I don’t have a copy, but I have been able to locate a digital version of this particular b-side, exclusive to the 7″, which was originally broadcast on the Steve Lamacq Show on BBC Radio 1 in January 2001.  The original version of Angelene can be found on the 1998 album, Is This Desire?



  1. PJ’s music continues to hold up. Still impressive after all this time. The indie-rock Joni Mitchell of Dorset.

  2. agree with all of the a rare moment of trying to be objective i reckon she’s my 3rd favourite female artist of all time…

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