Just over a week ago, I posted Pure, the debut single by The Lightning Seeds.  It went down well with most of you, and  I was particularly struck by the comment left behind by Echorich:-

Pure is a great song, but I have always been partial to Joy. Broudie’s writing partner on some of the early tracks was Lotus Eater, Peter Coyle – a genius move really. Broudie would bring on heavyweight songwriter (IMO) Terry Hall to collaborate on the brilliant Sense single and album. As an artist he was a very, very smart producer…

Which led me to dig out my lesser-played 12″ early Lightning Seeds single.

Joy was the follow-up to Pure. While the debut went to #16, the follow-up bombed to the extent it didn’t graze the Top 75. Maybe it’s not quite as immediate as Pure, but there was no reason for Joy to stiff so spectacularly, obviously not getting any radio play.

Indeed, I can’t remember it being issued as a single, only knowing the song through its inclusion on the debut album Cloudcuckooland, which I bought on CD back in 1990. It was only a couple of years ago that I came across the 12″ of Joy in a second-hand store, going for £2. I almost didn’t buy it, as one of its b-sides was also on the album, meaning it was just one new song I was getting my hands on. When I say ‘almost’, it was a thought that lasted a nano-second:-

mp3: The Lightning Seeds – Joy
mp3: The Lightning Seeds – Frenzy
mp3: The Lightning Seeds – Control The Flame

It is the last of these which is also on the album. It wasn’t the b-side to the 7″ and thus was just a way of adding to the 12″. It’s a song written solely by Peter Coyle as referenced in Echorich’s previous comment, and it is a very fine and unusual number.

Incidentally, I had forgotten that another of Cloudcuckooland’s songs was a co-composition involving Ian Broudie and another much-mentioned person on the blog:-

mp3: The Lightning Seeds – Sweet Dreams

An absolute belter of a song, and the one from the album that I have always thought would have been perfect for a single.

I bet you’re surprised to learn that it is Richard Jobson who has the co-credit.

Yup, THAT Richard Jobson of Into The Valley etc. fame.



  1. Happy to get Joy a bit more love. One think I really appreciate about Cloudcuckooland is that it is an album from the proto-Britpop era which I have come to truly appreciate. It’s a really strong album. Whenever I hear it, I’m reminded of just how much my favorite band Echo And The Bunnymen would have benefitted from just one more Ian Broudie produced album. Just listening to the opener All I Want, I can hear so many “Echo-isms” in the arrangement. Sweet Dreams reminds me so much of the sound of The Bunnymen’s “Grey Album,” it could have fit well on that album.
    One last note on Joy, it is sampled as the heart of Saint Etienne’s Penlop from their latest album.

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