Just over two weeks ago, I posted Pure, the debut single by The Lightning Seeds.  It went down well with most of you, and  I was particularly struck by the comment left behind by Echorich:-

Pure is a great song, but I have always been partial to Joy. Broudie’s writing partner on some of the early tracks was Lotus Eater, Peter Coyle – a genius move really. Broudie would bring on heavyweight songwriter (IMO) Terry Hall to collaborate on the brilliant Sense single and album. As an artist he was a very, very smart producer…

Which led me to dig out my lesser-played 12″ early Lightning Seeds single.

And to write up this post on Friday 15 October with my thoughts on Pure, its-b-sides and a further track on Cloudcuckooland, the debut album by the band.

The stupid thing was that I forgot to post the links.


mp3: The Lightning Seeds – Joy
mp3: The Lightning Seeds – Frenzy
mp3: The Lightning Seeds – Control The Flame
mp3: The Lightning Seeds – Sweet Dreams

My head has been hanging in shame for a week.



  1. Tsk! Not once have I ever forgotten to attach an attachment or post a link. Not once!

    Is that the far away tinkle of a hand bell I can hear?


    Distracted at work, a long while ago now, I was further distracted by a call while writing an email relating to gay men’s health. I ended the email, “Yours, Gay.” And as you do …noticed the error at the exact moment I hit send. I was momentarily mortified, based on the number of recipients and their professional status (and views on homosexuality) and then thought I’ve offended some and provided others with a good old chortle. It didn’t take long for the offended to contact me. Seems they had nothing better to do.

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