I’ve one song by The Primary 5 on the hard drive, courtesy of its inclusion on the CD compilation Ave Marina – 10 Years of Marina Records, released in 2004 by the Hamburg-based label which has always had a very strong and varied Scottish presence.

I didn’t know that first thing about the band and this was pleasantly surprised to discover that the mainstay is Paul Quinn….no, not the one I’m always banging on about on this blog…..but the musician of the same name best known for his spells as drummer with Soup Dragons and Teenage Fanclub.

The Primary 5 formed in 2003, with the name referring to it being the fifth band that Paul Quinn had played in. Debut album North Pole was released in 2004 with one of its tracks also finding its way onto the aforementioned Marina compilation:-

mp3: The Primary 5 – Mailman

The group would stay together for the remainder of the decade, releasing two more studio albums, Go! (2006) and High Five (2008)



  1. As an avid reader, here is what I love about this blog: This post led me to listen to Primary 5’s first album which, if you are a fan of Teenage Fanclub – and I am, is a wonderful slice of catchy Fannies-influenced indie-pop and great discovery. Thank you!

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