Ach, I know the title is completely OTT in terms of what is on offer today.  I hope I haven’t disappointed too many of you.

The idea is to pull together all the bits of music on 7″ vinyl that I have sitting in the cupboard which originally came courtesy of being given away free with copies of music papers. Six EPs on offer with a fair bit of hissing, skipping and popping given the age of the plastic and the fact they were fairly lo-fi recordings to begin with, not to mention they have all been picked up second hand, often via charity shops) but there’s a few things worth a few minutes of your time. There’s also a few for which I unreservedly apologise (especially The Cult, and Simply Red):-

1. Drastic Plastic: NME GIV2 (1985)

A1: The Style Council – My Ever Changing Moods (live in Liverpool)
A2: Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Forest Fire (live in London)
B1: The Robert Cray Band – Bad Influence (live in Chicago)
B2: Prefab Sprout – Real Life (Just Around The Corner)

2. Fourplay: NME GIV4 (1986)

A1: Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Uncomplicated (NME Version)
A2: Billy Bragg – Honey, I’m A Big Boy Now (NME Version)
B1: Mantronix – Hardcore Hip Hop (NME Version)
B2: Miles Davis – Splatch

3. Sounds Waves 3 (1988)

A1: The Sugarcubes – Motor Crash
A2: The Wedding Present – Go Out And Get ‘Em Boy (live at the Reading Majestic)
B1: The Pixies – Down To The Well
B2: The Pixies – Rock A My Soul
B3: The Pogues – Kitty (live at Glasgow Barrowlands)

(all tracks EXCLUSIVE to Sounds)

4. Sounds Showcase 1 (1987)

A1: The Cult – Outlaw
A2: The Fall – Hey! Luciani (original version)
B1: The Adult Net – Spin This Web
B2: The Go-Betweens – I Just Get Caught Out*

*different version than would appear later on Tallulah

5. The Hit Red Hot EP (1985)

A1: The Style Council – Walls Come Tumbling Down (live at Manchester Apollo)
A2: The Jesus and Mary Chain – Taste of Cindy
B1: Redskins – Kick Over The Statues (The Ramsey McKinnock Mix)
B2: Simply Red – Every Bit Of Me

(I have absolutely no recollection of The Hit as a publication and there’s no real info out there on t’internet. This EP seems to have been given away with Issue #1 in September 1985, the JAMC and Redskins tracks are labelled as ‘exclusive new studio recordings’ and the Simply Red song is a ‘limited edition studio recording’ – whatever that means!)

6. RM Four Track Solid EP (1986)

A1: New Order – Sub-Culture (exclusive remix)
A2: Raymonde – Jennifer Wants (exclusive track)
A3: Hipsway – Bad Thing Longing
A4: Adventures – Walk Away Renee (specially recorded for rm)

RM was a re-branded and re-launched of the long-running weekly paper, Record Mirror. This particular version of Sub-Culture, which was remixed by John Robie, to the best of my knowledge has only ever been made available on this particular piece of vinyl. It’s over seven minutes long and it’s a good one………

All this on the day the old blog first appeared 14 years ago.



  1. I have only acquired 2 of these paper mag giveaways over the years – and none of the above. I have The Sounds WEA Christmas Cracker (because of the Ronnie Scott’s recording of Breakfast by Billy MacKenzie) and NME Readers’ Poll Winners ’84 (because the new version of Ivo by Cocteau Twins).

    Totally agree on the Robie mix of Sub-Culture, it’s really good!

  2. Phew, that’s a couple of ICAs right there, JC! Too much to comment on individually, but there was something very special about finding a slab of 7″ vinyl adorning the front cover of NME, Sounds, etc., though often there was just the one track per EP that I was really interested in.

    NME Fourplay may have been my first ever listens to Miles Davis and Mantronix and was enough to encourage me to buy Elvis Costello’s “Blood And Chocolate”, which remains a favourite.

    Pixies on Sounds Waves 3: awesome.

    I’ve always preferred the original version of “Hey! Luciani” to any others. My introduction to The Go-Betweens here was the start of a enduring love affair. And I will confess that I did see The Cult during their Electric tour. Ian Astbury called out a group of the audience mid-song (I was in said group) who were more interested in what was happening in the sidelines than focusing on the stage, and him. ‘Nuff said.

    I may have been one of the very few who bought The Hit #1. It was only for the free 7″ (that’s Paul Weller’s leg on the cover) and I never bothered with another issue. It was the first three tracks for me, particularly J&MC and The Redskins. I don’t think there was anything exclusive about the Simply Red track and “limited” only because it was a bonus track on the “Money’s Too Tight To Mention” 12″. I haven’t played it in 30+ years and might skip it again this time.

  3. I had the RM one and loved all 4 tracks and went out and got the Adventures / Hipsway/ Raymonde lps so ep did its job

  4. I have 5 of the above (only The Hit one is absent as I too have no recollection of that publication). I certainly remember getting a good reaction when I played the remix of Sub-culture on student radio. I’m also very fond of that version of I Just Get Caught Out – it appears I’ve played it more often than the Tallulah version.

  5. Happy 14th anniversary.

    I own a number of these freebies but can’t recall any of the included songs being essential listening except Adult Net (Spin This Web) and Cocteau Twins (Ivo) – both of which appeared consistently on subsequent compilation tapes.

    My recollection is that, initially when the 7″ appeared on copies of the magazines they sold out – fast. But … it didn’t take long for this phase to end.

  6. Wow , Something for everybody .
    Personally , The Style Council and Hipsway are my favourites .


  7. Previous post seems to be lost in the ether – an edited version ….

    well done on the 14 year milestone!

  8. Sounds Waves 3 came out between Surfer Rosa and Doolittle yet neither of Pixies’ tracks appeared on either album – Down To The Well featured on Bossanova which didn’t come out until 1990 and Rock A My Soul didn’t get an official release until 2002 on the Purple Tape which was a release of the bands earliest demos.

  9. I have a few free magazine EPs, including your Sounds one above. In case anyone is interested, those Pixies tracks were first released on their demo ‘The Purple Tape’ from which the ‘Come On Pilgrim’ album was compiled. These two songs remained officially unreleased however until after the band broke up and the CD ‘Pixies’ was put out, containing the remaining Purple Tape tracks.

    Some gems on the other ones, thanks Jim. And Happy Anniversary mate!

  10. Many thanks for the new order remix. I loved that mix and lost it many years ago so great to listen to it again!

  11. Love a freebie. I also bought The Hit and have no recollection of the mag except for the 7″. Also have most of the others and remember one (NME?) giveaway with the Screaming Blue Messiahs on. Now for the hunt through the singles box to see where. Great memories JC.

  12. Happy 14th anniversary JC, that’s some going in blogworld. The Robie mix of Subculture is ace, a blend of the album and single versions. Great stuff and plenty else to enjoy as well.

  13. A very Happy Anniversary JC, TVV and T(n)VV!!
    The version of Sub-Culture from the RM freebie is actually the John Robie remix reinterpreted by Joseph Watt of Razormaid. It is sometimes referred to as the Sarm West remix and does have a bit of a ZZT feel to it in places…

  14. I’ve realised that the final chunk of my reply earlier didn’t make the cut. Serves me right for trying to copy and paste my phone. Everything that everybody’s already said about the Sub-Culture remix, it’s my favourite version of the song. Thanks for the info, Echorich, I’d not twigged that it was a Joseph Watt re-edit/reinterpretation, but it makes sense now I know.

    And sorry for leaving off the congrats on the 14 years, JC, what an achievement! I wasn’t there from Day 1 – it was more probably Day 1000/2009 – but never mind the vintage, feel the quality…! Happy 14th and long may T(n)VV continue!

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