I don’t think I need to say too much about this particular song.  My thanks to Martin Elliott (AKA Our Swedish Correspondent) for  the suggestion.  It’s actually worth sharing the contents of his e-mail:-

Hi Jim!

In my mind a very natural connection to the Paul Haig 12″ would be The Associates, considering the friendship between especially Billy and Paul. Now I have a hard time making a choice between Party Fears Two and Country Club, but tend to lean towards PF2 since the version of It’s Better This Way on the b-side is cracking – and slightly different from the album version. But then the Country Club 12″ version is just pure magic…

Then you could, if you want some kind of link to the next Monday move to Cocteau Twins, Peppermint Pig 12″ which is produced by Alan (even though I read that the band didn’t like it all and thought Alan didn’t comprehend the slightest what they wanted to do…).

Anyway – the risk is you’ll hear from me again on this topic, it ticks pretty much all my boxes. 🙂

Thus, I nominate The Associates – Party Fears Two as a Monday classic.

All the best!

More than happy to oblige.

mp3: Associates – Party Fears Two

Ripped from the original 12″ vinyl, dating back to 1982, at 320 kbps.  As is this, albeit it is a bit more crackly than the b-side, especially during the quiet opening twenty seconds.  But it does come at a groovy, groovy speed……

mp3: Associates – It’s Better This Way

Tune in next Monday for another hi-quality vinyl rip.



  1. I care not a jot how many times this particular song is played/praised. It’s of the highest quality no matter the kbps. I’m a big fan of the effective art work too.

    Is next week Club Country? Is it Peppermint Pig? I’ll tune in …

  2. A great song, still sounds brilliant.
    I have stayed in Dubai for 20 years now ( originally from Glasgow).
    Started going to a quiz night back then and met a couple of lads, found out all 3 of us loved Party Fears 2, so our quiz team name changed to Party Fears 3.
    20 years years later the the quiz team is still going, although now myself, Steve and a few few others. I think only one or two people over the years have understood the team name, most people have no clue, although we have explained it to a lot of folks over the years and always ask them to check out the song.
    Always quite proud that there is a little bit of Party Fears 2 here in the Middle East.

    Jim Dubai

  3. Party Fears 2 is sheer perfection. Full of unease and a relentlessness, Billy’s confident operatic attack, and infectious melody, it is a classic Post Punk Pop song about life on the edge. And the final verse, repeating the first, sung as the song ends and folds into the shadows has always blown me away.

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