Given away with the April 1991 edition of Select Magazine, one that came with Boy George on the cover. The 40-pages of reviews contained some decent stuff such as Out of Time by R.E.M., Peggy Suicide by Julian Cope, Blue Lines by Massive (as they were temporarily called), Recurring by Spaceman 3 and Kill Uncle by a racist twat.

Oh, and there’s a scathing review of Outland by Gary Numan, penned by Graham Linehan who was still a few years away from becoming famous as the co-creater and co-writer of Father Ted (before later turning into a twat with his opinions on transgender).

Nine songs all told, including what, at the time, was some rare material in terms of remixes and unreleased tracks.  And, unusually for a giveaway tape, two tracks by the same artist – Cath Carroll – with one being from a still to be released album and the other from a recent EP.

It was also given an official catalogue number by the label – FAC305-C

A1: Northside – Moody Places (Instrumental)
A2: New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle (Stephen Hague Mix)
A3: Cath Carroll – Moves Like You
A4: Happy Mondays – Kinky Afro (Euromix 12-Inch Version)

B1: The Wendys – Suckling
B2: Revenge – The Trouble With Girls
B3: Electronic – Lucky Bag (Miami Edit)
B4: Cath Carroll – Next Time (Edit)
B5: Vini Reilly & Durutti Column – Megamix

Copies can be found on Discogs for £1.99 (plus P&P) mostly from UK-based sellers.



  1. Cath Carroll did some great vocals with the Hit Parade – especially in their first lp and the autobiography ep

  2. Not really a fan of late Factory releases, although I loved a mid-90s band called Hopper (I think about three other people shared this view), produced by Bernard Butler I believe.

  3. I bought this mag during a visit to Atlanta at the time because…why not? Factory used to mean so much, but of course by the 90s it no longer did. I can’t remember any of the stuff on that tape [apart from the New Order track] now. It was the only Select I ever bought and have no recollection of it at all. But obviously, Graham Linehan was right on the money with his “Outland” review!! The worst Gary Numan album I’ve ever heard…and I’ve heard “Warriors!”

  4. I remember this tape (and may well still have it) – but it does highlight my memory playing tricks on me. I was sure the lead track was the music used for North West ITV’s regional midweek footy extravaganza, Granada Soccer Night (we were so lucky – we even had local presenter, Elton Welsby, fronting the programme). But no – that was actually an instrumental version of Shall We Take A Trip, which I can only assume I had on another freebie tape somewhere.

  5. I still have the cassette and the issue. Have to say I don’t hate the Miami Edit of Electronic’s Lucky Bag. The Trouble With Girls give not even a hint at how good the Revenge album, One True Passion, was.
    Linehan wasn’t wrong, Outland is like outtakes from Numan’s more successful Cold Metal Rhythm and really disappointing.

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