It’s a bit of an understatement to say that, for many of us, the lack of live music and/or club nights has turne out to to be one of the hardest things to cope with over the past 100+ plus days since we went into lockdown.

Simply Thrilled had big plans for 2020, none of which are likely to see the light of day but we are hoping to get things going again in 2021, including another set of events aligned to The Twilight Sad rescheduling their twice-postponed shows at the Barrowlands to the spring of 2021. We are doing a little something different this coming Sunday (and yes, it is this coming Sunday, 5th of July as stated on the poster, and not last weekend as I stupidly thought and put a message out to my handful of Facebook friends).

We will be airing some videos over a 90 minute period, many of which will be of singers and bands from Scotland, although not exclusively so. My own short set is about 20 minutes in length and consists of five tracks that I hope you will want to drop in and see.

The doors open at 7.30pm.

Access is via the Simply Thrilled Facebook page, and, as my mate Shug said the other day, if you’re on there yet just join and it will magically get you through the bouncers on the imaginary door.

Just click on this link,, shove in your request and one of us on the admin side will sort it out as quickly as we see it.

It would be lovely to see you all – I’ll be typing a few words during the event as will the other DJs and everyone is welcome to come in and add your own thoughts, views and opinions.

Here’s  a couple that I did consider airing on Sunday but they didn’t quite make the cut.

Thank you.


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