Meursault are an alternative indie band founded in 2006 in Edinburgh, Scotland, led by singer-songwriter Neil Pennycook. Their musical style has been variously categorised as folktronica, alternative rock and indie folk.

The name of the band is a reference to the main character of L’Etranger, the famous novel of Albert Camus.

They were a mainstay of Song, By Toad Records, founded and run by the legendary Matthew Young for more than a decade before he called it a day to concentrate on family matters, albeit he is still reasonably active in the Edinburgh music scene. Meursualt’s most recent album, Crow Hill, was released last year on Common Ground a new Edinburgh-based label.

Here’s a track from the highly acclaimed third album, Something For The Weakened, released in 2012:-

mp3 : Meursault – Settling



  1. This is a delight. I had heard the song – where I do not know – but … being able to listen without interuption was a wonderful experience. From fall-down fragility to fuzz-tinged rock it soared, and it soared and it soared into a joyous cacophony; willing me to hit replay when it finished. I did. I did again and again.

    Thanks, JC

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