I’d forgotten all about this 1992 release – and I only came across it when I was stumbling around looking for something else.

I recall buying this cos it was only 25p in a bargain bucket and that it must have one of the last things from the era that was bought on vinyl as by that year it was mostly CDs. I’ve always been a sucker for a cover version, and these proved to all be pretty decent in an inoffensive indie-pop sort of way:-

mp3 : Popinjays – I’m A Believer
mp3 : Popinjays – 59th Street Bridge Song
mp3 : Popinjays – It’s Getting Better
mp3 : Popinjays – Rain

Popinjays were formed by Wendy Robinson (vocals) and Polly Hancock (vocals and guitar) in London in 1987, signing in due course to indie label Big Cat. An early EP brought a fair bit of acclaim and by 1989, they had expanded to a three-piece with a bass player, initially Dana Baldinger and, later, Anne Rogers and signed to One Little Indian. In 1990, they recruited their first male member with Seamus Feeney becoming the drummer.

They remained active till 1994, releasing a total of three albums and seven singles, all of which bar the debut single, came out on One Little Indian. After a 21 year hiatus, the original line up of Wendy Robinson and Polly Hancock reformed, since when they have gigged infrequently, most often in London. It was recently announced that, on 28 November 2019, they will be the support act for BOB, at their last ever UK show, at the 100 Club in London.


5 thoughts on “25 PENCE FROM THE BARGAIN BIN

  1. Was happily reading along and then got to the Bob line. Fantastic band who should have broken through . Had way more about them than a lot of indie could have been . I saw them support 10000 violins and only time I have seen a support act blow the main act off stage. Of to buy beg steal a ticket now

  2. Not a Beatles fan, but Rain is my favourite song of theirs. Was quite impressed by seeing a covers band in my local pub and during the interval asking if they knew Rain. They hummed and ha-ed, weren’t too sure and then knocked out a pretty impressive word-perfect version during their second set. The Popinjays stab at it isn’t too great to be honest. The Jam do a decent version, and Chapterhouse a half-decent one.

  3. At six-and-a-quarter pence a track, I think you nabbed
    a bargain, JC. Enjoyed those. I only knew ‘Rain’ – possibly
    it’s on the flip of the great A-side ‘Vote Elvis’.

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