Up until now, I’ve had physical copies of almost all the material by the singers and bands who have featured previously in the various chronology of 45s series and where I haven’t, I’ve done my utmost to track down a digital copy or simply owned up that one or more tracks (usually b-sides or remixes) is missing.

It’s going to be a wee bit different for the next few weeks with the spotlight turned on Marc Almond.

First up, the series is going to concentrate on a specific time, namely 1984-1999, and it is also only going to feature 45s which had Marc Almond as the named performer – in other words, no Marc & The Mambas and no guest appearances, such as that with Bronski Beat in 1985.

I have some of the singles in the collection, but a fairly low percentage. It’s also a series which, if restricted to one per week, would take up the remainder of 2019 and we would all get bored in due course. I’m therefore going to feature a few of them at a time, taking the parent album (where appropriate) as the guide.

The first solo album was Vermin in Ermine, attributed to Marc Almond and The Willing Sinners, released in October 1984. It contained three singles, two of which pre-dated the album:-

(1) The Boy Who Came Back b/w Joey Demento (June 1984 – #52 in the UK charts)
(2) You Have b/w Split Lip (Single Version) (September 1984 – #57 in the UK charts)
(3) Tenderness is a Weakness b/w Love For Sale (November 1984 – #88 in the UK charts)

Joey Demento is one that fans of Soft Cell will enjoy…it’s a bit of a throwback to that era.

Love For Sale is a cover of a song written in 1930 by Cole Porter. It was from a Broadway musical, The New Yorkers but it caused controversy being from the perspective of a prostitute seeking to earn a living. Up until the 1960s, most versions had been instrumental in nature. Marc’s version is pure torch-song.

My own first exposure to the song came via hearing this excellent version on the Red Hot and Blue compilation, released in 1990 as an album and video-release, with the purpose of raising funds towards tackling AIDS:-

mp3 : Fine Young Cannibals – Love For Sale



  1. Elvis Costello recorded a nice version of ‘Love For Sale’ with Billy Bremner during the sessions for Trust. It finally saw the light of day in the 90’s when the album got the reissue treatment.

  2. Really liked this lp when it came out and could never understand why it flopped chartwise. Listening back now it was probably a bit too much out of step with what else was about. The 3 singles are all excellent

  3. A great start to what looks like being a great series. Vermin in Ermine is probably my favourite over all Marc solo album. Maybe a little too pop for some fans, but Marc’s voice sounds so strong, especially on The Boy Who Came Back, that it feels like the album I return to most often.

  4. This is certainly a series for me! I have done my damned best to be a Marc Almond completist over the decades. Thank goodness he has weathered all the storms that have passed through his life and he is still making vital music.
    Joey Demento is one of my favorite Marc Almond tracks. It’s like an amphetamine driven 60s Psych-Out track looking for a movie to land in.

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