One week down.  One to go.  Friday nights tend to be a wee bit special round these parts.

Wish You Were Here.

mp3 : Various – Beach Bumming (Volume 5)

Track Listing

I Hope You’re Happy Now – Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Revenge of The Hammond Connection – Primal Scream
Penelope Tree – Felt
Truth Be Told – Dead Hope
Heard About Love – The Big Gun
Big Rock Candy Mountain – The Motorcycle Boy
Wonderful Lie – The Hardy Boys
Sparky’s Dream – Teenage Fanclub
Stars – Dubstar
Triple Trouble (Graham Coxon remix) – Beastie Boys
M.O.R. – Blur
Home – P.I.L.
Apply Some Pleasure – Maximo Park
Lullaby – The Cure
I Miss You – Blink 182
Shellshock – New Order
How I Wrote Elastic Man – The Fall


3 thoughts on “BEACH BUMMING (5/10)

  1. I applaud the following:

    Dead Hope: I was pointed in their direction in the summer of this year. Stunning. Your recent article says it all.
    Motorcycle Boy: the hit that never was. Often overlooked this band raised the bar on indie pop.
    The Hardy Boys: consistently under rated band. The finest song writing backed up effortlessly by superb musicians and one of the best Scottish male vocalists – 2nd only, in my opinion, to Mr Mackenzie.

  2. Thanks FFF….

    ….worth mentioning that a full generation prior to Dead Hope, the late Keef Martin sang lead vocal and played guitar on the song by The Big Gun which is also part of today’s mix.

  3. The things we don’t know, eh?

    I’m quite the fan of this track by The Big Gun but had no idea of Keith’s involvement. Wrists will be slapped.

    A joyous pop monster.

    Thanks for the insightful nugget.

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