I’m nowhere near the above beach.  Indeed, i doubt the above beach looks that way in mid-December.

Today’s mix is, indeed, A Postcard from Scotland

mp3 : Various – Beach Bumming (Volume 4)

Track Listing

Bee – Hairband
Don’t Make Me Wait – Emma Pollock
The Shy Retirer – Arab Strap
Michael – Franz Ferdinand
Fall Forever – Honeyblood
Promised You A Miracle – Simple Minds
Gut Feeling – Malcolm Middleton
You Heald The World In Your Arms – Idlewild
No Longer Young Enough – The Just Joans
Fake Fur – Urusei Yatsura
Shimmer Shimmer – She’s Hit
Sore Tummy – PAWS
Taste The Last Girl – Sons & Daughters
These Animals Are Dangerous  – Rote Kapelle
Since Yesterday – Strawberry Switchblade
Blue Boy – Orange Juice
You Can’t Spend You Whole Life Hanging Around With Arseholes – Ballboy
Down The Dip – Aztec Camera


One thought on “BEACH BUMMING (4/10)

  1. No Longer Young Enough – The Just Joans. A song that shoots straight into my all-time favourites as does much of Who’s Smiling Now
    Fake Fur – Urusei Yatsura. If I haven’t heard Siamese at an indie disco. I’m not at an ‘indie’ disco.
    Since Yesterday – Strawberry Switchblade. A true pop classic. Nothing alternative at all about the song. It’s just pure pop and all the better for it.
    Down The Dip – Aztec Camera. I adore this song. There was an incredible amount of hype about Mr Frame at the time and this song, amongst many others, holds up to any claim of hype.

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