The original Vinyl Villain musical extravaganza was born on 30 September 2006 and in a little under seven years managed to feature somewhere in the region of 2,500 posts before it was cast out into t’internet wilderness by the evil people at blogger.com.

The (new) Vinyl Villain was born on the day the old blog died – 24 July 2013 and today marks it’s 2,000th posting.

A lot of those have come from the brains of many friends and guest writers, a situation which has given me great pleasure over the years. It’s the guest postings together with the contributions which come through the comments section that make me determined to keep things going, particularly on the increasing number of occasions when the inspiration seems to be a long way away or I’ve a general feeling of fatigue or fed-upness about it all.

Thank you so much friends, comrades, amigos and compadres.

I had a great chat with Drew a few weeks back….I’ve been so wrapped up in issues of my own that I’ve failed to keep up with the blogging activities of my friends over recent times and had totally missed that he had temporarily brought things to a halt over at his place, although it’s great to see he’s slowly getting back into the groove.  I’m not going to go into huge detail about what we talked about, suffice to say we both felt a lot better after a couple of hours. We also agreed a particular photo should be used to illustrate the 2,000th post on T(n)VV on the basis that it brought me to a stop when I saw it on the streets of Galway a few months ago….and also that he laughed when I showed him it as we jointly imagined the theatre show was really about Mark E Smith (RIP) going to Cape Town and trying to recruit local kids for his band now that he’d burned his bridges with every single indie musician in the UK.

We also agreed this should be the song for today:-

mp3 : The Fall – Lost In Music

Not sure if I’ll get to 3,000 posts….but rest assured I will be back tomorrow.


26 thoughts on “LET’S ALL MEET UP ON THE POST 2000

  1. Excellent stuff JC. Always has been and always will be a daily favourite for me to visit. Carry on!

  2. You’ll get to 3000 and beyond JC – congratulations and keep ’em comin’. An utterly superb musical selection today.
    (PS. I submitted an ICA a few weeks back. Just wanted to give you the heads up in case it went into your junk email folder.)

  3. Wow, congratulations! I don’t know how you do it, but I’m glad you do.
    Love the pic – can just imagine the conversation!

  4. Congratulations JC

    I derive a great deal of pleasure from your blog – so I hope you make it to 3000

  5. What everyone else said. Can I just make a claim for post 1537 as being the best post ever.

  6. You have been my first stop every day this entire decade. I can think of no better compliment. Thanks for all the joy you bring to our little corner of the ‘net.

  7. 2K posts in 5 years?! Phew! I can’t go there. I only have about 1700 in 8 years because I just can’t do it every day! I just did a “30 Days: 30 Albums” thread for the second time and it really takes the wind out of my sails to even attempt the weekend posts necessary to achieve that outlay. Here’s good on yer, laddie, for making the sustained effort! We auld geezers with Blogs need to stick together! I can’t tweet or blip, or whatever it is youngsters do these days, but I’ll stick with you in this for as long as I have a lunch hour at my job to write one!

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