Those of you who might be new(ish) to this little corner of the internet might like to have a read at this post from February 2017 and then this post from May 2017 to get the back story…..

Greetings, Jim.

A little while back you asked for an Aces update. So as not to bore you to tears I’ll try to sum up everything that’s happened since our fateful April 2017 meeting in Manchester, bullet-point style:

The England trip was truly amazing and we got a nice write up about it when we got home: https://www.ocweekly.com/whats-it-like-for-an-outlaw-country-band-touring-the-uk-8099980/

* We started recording an album in fall of 2017
* In October Hoss reluctantly left the band for family reasons
* Marty Beal, formerly of the Lisa Marr Experiment, agreed to join the band as lead guitarist
* The album was mixed and mastered earlier this year
* We planned to self-release the record and did all the photo shoots, cover art and graphics etc.
* To our surprise we were contacted by At The Helm Records, a UK label, who said they wanted to release it for us overseas
* At The Helm is the home of Ags Connelly, whom you may remember opened for us in England
* This pushed the release of the album to early 2019
* We are excited about the label’s interest because we are hoping they’ll bring us back for another tour
* The album will be titled No Particular Way
* The first single, ‘Come Around’, has just been released and is available on iTunes, CD Baby and similar digital sites!

So, at long last, new Ponderosa Aces music is available and a lot more is coming soon. ‘Come Around’ marks the first time I’ve been in the studio for 30 years.

Johnny Bottoms

JC adds….

Johnny also provided a copy of the new single and said that he didn’t mind if it was posted on the blog to download for a while, but that he really wanted to encourage folks to buy the single independently. As he points out, the band aren’t going to make any money from record sales but the big hope is that if enough people download it may convince the label to bring them back for another UK tour.

So….no link from me except to here and here where it can be downloaded.  I’ve done so already and it’s a mighty fine sounding tune.  Please find it in your hearts to spend 99p or 99 cents or whatever your currency is!

In the meantime here’s something with an apt title from the band’s back catalogue:-

mp3 : The Ponderosa Aces – Play The Game


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