Regular readers will know that I rarely give plugs to new records….it’s just not my kind of thing and it’s not really that kind of blog. Exceptions, however, are occasionally made when I come across an exceptional piece of music.

Such as today as I want to draw your attention to the immediate release of Impossible Stuff, the latest album by Scottish singer-songwriter Carla J Easton who first came to prominence as one-quarter of all-girl Glasgow band TeenCanteen. Adopting the name Ette, she recorded and released the album Homemade Lemonade a couple of years back; to say I kind of liked the record would be an understatement. I called it out as my favourite album of 2016, enjoying greatly ten memorably catchy tunes that brought to mind all sorts of all genres and influences, such as the girl-groups so beloved of Phil Ramone, along with Clare Grogan, Kate Bush, Kylie, 80s synth bands, bubblegum, rap and the occasional hint of folk-rock that so many bands from Scotland are proving so adept at.

Hard to believe, but I reckon Carla has now gone and topped the debut which she recorded in Montreal with the help of producer Howard Bilerman who, among others, has worked previously with Arcade Fire, Leonard Cohen and, closer to home, British Sea Power. The results are quite spectacular and there has been a deserved buzz already with huge acclaim for the two singles which have preceded the album, firstly this in January 2018:-

And then her release for Record Store Day which sold out in a ridiculously short period of time, but thankfully has been included on the new album rather than being limited to those lucky enough to have snapped up the vinyl a few months back:-

mp3 : Carla J Easton – Wanting What I Can’t Have

Most recently, a fun video was made for another track on the album – Dreamers On The Run – in which Carla is imagined as representing Scotland in the Eurovision Song Contest…with a suitably drawl commentary provided by none other than Aidan Moffat:-

The album, out today, is on Olivegrove Records, one of the best small labels here in Scotland, under the direction of Lloyd Meredith, who has long been one of the unsung heroes of our local music industry in Scotland.


It would be great if you could use the above link to purchase the album, but at the same time I won’t object if you order it from your local, friendly independent record store!!



  1. Bought the Ette album on your recommendation JC, to much pleasure – so I headed over to Bandcamp and ordered this one too! Listening to the tracks here it will be another great record.
    (Will be interesting though, still said pre-order and I got the message that my record will be shipped within 50 days…)

  2. Homemade Lemonade was on heavy rotation at my home two years ago and now another album with so many influences and great songs. This one will sure be on my list to buy. Thanks for offering her new record JC

  3. Sorry Jim, doesn’t grab me… although the second video is GREAT… but album of the year…? For me it’s no IDLES/BODEGA/SHAME/YOUNG FATHERS/LET’S EAT GRANDMA/PARQUET COURTS etc etc

  4. Pleasantly listening on Bandcamp. If I listen a second time my rule is I will buy the album. Looking promising so far

  5. I’m with you on this one Jim. Stunning album without a single bad tune. Album of the year? Hmmm….. close. But Malcom Middleton might just sneak that title.

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