Have particulary enjoyed reading all the additional words that have come with so many comments thus far this week and it’s interesting that some of you have been struggling with your selections this week…..that’s how it should be as we get down to the sharp end of the competition.  Once again, there are a few scorelines which aren’t truly reflective of the quality that’s on offer from both sides…and the possibility of Sting & co getting into the last 16 (and possibly further) seems to bothering a few folk!!

Oh and C, if you’re reading this…..you really can’t tease us with hints of why you had to vote for the Durutti Column song without sharing the sordid details……

Durutti Column 3 v Echo & The Bunnymen 28
Pete Wylie 12 v The Police 19
XTC 14 v Half Man Half Biscuit 17
The Charlatans 6 v OMD 25

In this round, the half time songs will feature actual club songs, and I’m beginning with one that’s associated Hibernian FC:-

mp3 : The Proclaimers – Sunshine on Leith

And here’s the rendition from their fans back in 2016 when their side lifted the Scottish Cup for the first time in 114 years:-

Remember….if you haven’t voted yet, you have until 10pm this coming Friday.



6 thoughts on “HALF TIME SCORES

  1. Listened once more to the selected tunes and lo the following came to pass:

    Echo and the Bunnymen
    The Mighty Wah!
    The Charlatans

    In the other tie, both songs would have lost out in any of the other match ups. Nothing like a favourite from their considerable songbook but i’ll go for Half Man Half Biscuit.

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