SATURDAY’S SCOTTISH SONG (on a Tuesday): #120 : GUN

From last fm:-

Gun is a hard rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. They started out as ‘Blind Allez’ and then ‘Phobia’, finally settling on the name ‘Gun’ on signing a record deal with A&M. Early gigs saw them touring with their fellow Scots Simple Minds whilst at the same time selling out their own headline shows. Gun are perhaps best known for their energetic arena rock version of the classic dance song “Word Up”, a top 40 hit in nations such as Germany, New Zealand, and the U.K.

Gun’s original studio lineup consisted of Mark Rankin on lead vocals, Guiliano Gizzi and Baby Stafford on guitar, Dante Gizzi on bass, and Scott Shields on drums. Mark Rankin’s cousin, Sharleen Spiteri, sang backing vocals on the band’s first albums, Taking on the World and Gallus. Although not quite breaking into the musical mainstream, their brand of American alternative rock fueled heavy music garnered a large cult-following. Q Magazine named the band’s 1994 follow-up Swagger one of the best albums of the year, and Gun’s single “Word Up” (a cover of the Cameo tune) even blasted into the top ten.

However, Gun’s popularity waned in the 90s due a change in style to more funky and slick feel, influenced by producer Andrew Farris (INXS) and especially following a spate of high-profile gun crimes that caused the group to mutate their name into G.U.N. Their final studio album signaled the end of the hard rock sound that built their reputation. Not long afterward, the band split. Even after their 1997 folding, the group did, nonetheless, reform for a charity gig in January 2008 with Toby Jepson (ex-Little Angels) on guest vocals.

Between 1987 and 1997, Gun rocked all through and beyond the British Isles, and they’re still regarded as one of Scotland’s best hard rock bands.

Turns out they reformed in 2008 and are still going strong today.  You can look them up on t’internet if you like.  I have one of their singles from 1989, courtesy of its inclusion on a free compilation LP.  It’s a track I always skip over.  But I played it again in advance of today – it provided a fine reminder of why I have no love for this genre of music.

mp3 : Gun – Better Days


4 thoughts on “SATURDAY’S SCOTTISH SONG (on a Tuesday): #120 : GUN

  1. When I worked for the MM I once got into a slight bit of bother after reviewing a Gun single. I described it as ‘possibly the worst five minutes of my entire life”.

  2. I loved these guys around Taking On The World and Gallus. Their warm up shows before going on tour with Them Rolling Stones took place in my local pub. Great live band. Saw them with Toby from Little Angels on vocals years alter and barely recognised them.

  3. Well, they probably got the Simple Minds opening set due to GUN’s drummer… a certain Mark Kerr. I’ve never bothered with GUN since the songs that Mark Kerr wrote that found their way onto Simple Minds albums in the last 20 years were completely worthless to these ears. Though the new Simple Minds album in the expanded CD edition had a song “Angel Underneath My Skin,” co-written by Mark Kerr with Erikah Karst that was the first song I’d heard from his pen that didn’t stink to me. Actually, I had no idea that Andrew Farris had produced GUN, and that makes me slightly interested in maybe hearing that album… should it pop up in a dollar bin one day.

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