And so we come to the end of March and what will be the final ties of Round 2.  There’s been a fair bit tension the past seven weeks albeit most of the ties have been settled by reasonably comfortable margins.  The last eight teams are the usual mix of big names and cult heroes and perhaps offering the opportunity to allow some lesser lights a chance to progress.  But before all that, here’s what you made of last week’s tasty offerings….and in case you missed it, the amazing match report from Jonny the Friendly Lawyer on The Stranglers v The Police in which he works in at least sixteen song titles….

Down in Guilford the Stranglers/Police match has a brief stoppage while Sting gets a manicure on the pitch.

The old codgers bring on the nubiles from the stands which distracts Andy Summers, the leading side’s demolition man.

Jet Black smuggles an ice pick to make your ears burn into his sock, thinking it might be necessary to straighten out the scoreline.

Cornwell observes that when the clock is running down you make the best of what’s still around and urges the band to (get a) grip (on themselves) before the canary falls down the coal mine. The ref shouts for both sides to rehumanize themselves and get on with it.

5 Minutes of added time when Stewart Copeland realizes he’s American and doesn’t know what he’s doing on the pitch. King of pain JJ Burnel abandons protocol and turns to karate, intimidating the 3 blondes until they’re so lonely, not standing so close to each other at the far edges of the touchline.

Sting, refreshed from his attentions can’t standing losing and hears the voices in his head shouting that Greenfield has just been hanging around the entire game. At the death it all boils down to who wants the world? most…

Stranglers stage massive comeback and win on penalties because they’ve got an extra band member.

Sadly for Jonny, his prediction of that particular result didn’t come through…..

The Stranglers 10 v The Police 26
Daft Punk 22 v Emiliana Torrini 14
The Clash 28 v R.E.M.(2) 12
The Skids 17 v The The 22

Matches 29-32 of Round 2

The Lemonheads v Prefab Sprout

The Lemonheads have been waiting ages to play their second match having been involved in Game 1 of Week 1 of Round 1 when they took care of business against Spoon.  Not that the wait truly troubled uber-stoner Evan Dando who just quietly sat in a corner waiting on his side being called to the pitch to strut their stuff.  I think Evan would have been initally pleased to be up against someone of a kindred spirit in Paddy McAloon whose Prefab Sprout may have the potential to go all the way, as demonstrated in an easy win against The Blue Aeroplanes last time out. But Evan’s winning and wholesome smile would surely have been masking some pain when he learned what Paddy is throwing at him in this tie.

Ride With Me (from Lovey, 1990) v When Love Breaks Down (from Steve McQueen, 1985)

Julian Cope (2) v The Housemartins

I feel I should quote from strictly rockers opening remarks when he penned the first of what turned out to be towo ICAs for Julian Cope : “He is the only artist I feel remotely qualified to compile an Imaginary Album for; he is the artist I’ve seen live most and own more albums than any other. Following the Archdrude through thick and thin sometimes feels more ordeal than pleasure and his prolific output occasionally appears to shoot wide but, in his words, he is always ‘true to my metaphor’ and never fails to deliver on attitude, enthusiasm and sheer energy. ”

My own words for The Housemartins were : “The self-styled ‘fourth best band in Hull’ only released two studio albums and nine singles in their all too brief time and some might argue this isn’t enough to merit an ICA, It’s also true that two of them (Paul and Norman) went onto enjoy more fame and fortune in later bands or as solo artists, one of them (Stan) did all sorts of things before becoming a very succesful writer of children’s book and TV scripts for a young audience and the other (Hugh) was part of other indie-pop outfits before he ended up in jail.”

It’s clearly a game of contrasts and having, respectively, seen off Joe Strummer and Gene last time out, once again it’s a battle of English Roses.

Don’t Jump Me Mother (a cover version b-side, 1995) v We’re Not Deep (from London 0 Hull 4, 1986)

The Pixies v Billy Bragg

I won’t waste time insulting your intelligence by saying much about these two teams.  But it does match up one of the finest ever from New England against the bloke who wrote A New England.  And it also offers the contrast of something live that is raw and energetic against one of the most unapologetically tear-jerkers of all time.

Vamos (live from Brixton Academy, 2004) v Tank Park Salute (from Don’t Try This At Home, 1991)

Ride v Asian Dub Foundation

Outside of the ICAs, these two haven’t featured too often on the blog.  The Ride effort came from SWC while ADF was courtesy of his sidekick Tim Badger;  makes sense just to cut’n’paste from their pieces.

Ride are probably one of the most unsung bands of the last couple of generations, they were pioneers of the much missed Shoegaze scene and with their debut album ‘Nowhere’ they created one of the best records of the nineties (those who remember my 40 albums to hear before I am 40, would have read all about this if I had time to finish it – that album folks is the 6th best ever.  Also as a sub note – it was really hard to not simply just pick the tracks from ‘Nowhere’ here in the ICA.

Asian Dub Foundation in the late 90s and early 00s released two wonderful records, these being Rafis Revenge and the seminal Community Music;  the latter is described by some as the most important record ever released. It isn’t quite that, but it is certainly utterly wonderful. Both are angry, overflowing with polemic lyrics and a strong sense of trying to right the wrongs of society. These two records are their best – and obviously make up the bulk of this compilation.  It was these two records that took them from being whispered about underground urbanistas to overground in your face forces to be reckoned with.

Vapour Trail (from Nowhere, 1990) v Real Great Britain (from Community Music, 2000)

JC adds…..You got your wishes, boys…..maybe you should let KT vote on this one!  The closing date for votes this week is Friday 6 April at 10am.

The numbers for the draw for Round 3 are as follows:-

1. The Fall
2. Talking Heads
3. Edwyn Collins
4. The Velvet Underground
5. New Order
6. The Charlatans
7. Lightning Seeds
8. St Etienne
9. The Jam
10. Half Man Half Biscuit
11. Pete Wylie
12. The Wedding Present
13. Lloyd Cole & The Commotions
14. Orange Juice
15. Pulp
16. Pavement
17. The Jesus and Mary Chain
18. XTC
19. The Smiths
20. The Durutti Column
21. OMD
22. Wire
23. Echo & The Bunnymen
24. Butcher Boy
25. The Police
26. Daft Punk
27. The Clash
28. The The
29. Lemonheads or Prefab Sprout
30. Julian Cope or The Housemartins
31. The Pixies or Billy Bragg
32. Ride or Asian Dub Foundation

Not a huge range of diversity it has to be admitted, but so much to look forward to…first four ties of the round will be revealed next Saturday with the remainder to follow throughout April.



32 thoughts on “BONUS SERIES : THE ICA WORLD CUP : ROUND 2 (Part 8)

  1. ‘There’s only one Paddy Macca’
    ‘Everywhere we go, people want to know
    who we are, so we tell them…we’re the guys from Hull!’
    ‘You’ll never beat the Bragg’
    ‘Ian Ride Ride Ride, Ian Ride Ride Ride’…

  2. Another vote that was quickly done. I only hesitated by Pixies vs. Billy Bragg. As you said it is hard to decide between a great raw moment and a tear-jerker.
    Prefab Sprout
    Billy Bragg

  3. Prefab Sprout – with one of the greatest songs of the 80s
    Julian Cope – because we need more crazies on the pitch
    Billy Bragg – because I just don’t like The Pixies
    Ride – because Vapor Trail is one of the songs of the decade

  4. Lemonheads

    And, God. Oh God. Inseparable after 90 minutes. Inseparable after extra time. More replays than an eighties cup tie between Liverpool and Arsenal. It goes to penalties and that’s a tie too, even after all the coaching staff and most of the crowd have taken spotkicks. A coin is flipped but it lands on its edge. It was a double-headed coin anyway. Darts are thrown, blindfold, at a board but one lands in the flight of the other. A supercomputer is brought in but ends up regressing, HAL9000-like, to a Daisy, Daisy-reciting mess of silicon. Eventually, your God of choice is consulted. “It’s obvious,” She says. “Forget how good the acts both are and concentrate on the songs. Vamos is great but Tank Park Salute is beautiful and heart-wrenching and moving and…” God pauses to wipe something from her eye. “Billy goes through to the next round.”

  5. I had 4 teams in this tournament (ICAs for Husker Du, Big Audio Dynamite, ACR and Andrew Weatherall). I haven’t got a single one through to this round. Good job I’m not a betting man.

    Lemonheads. I think.

  6. Most straight forward round yet due to the sins
    Prefab , opposition just stopped playing in awe of one of the best songs ever
    Julian cope for some reason turned up in full cricket kit and the house Martin’s nifty footwork prevailed
    The opposition could not stop crying as billy Bragg waltzed through with one of his best songs
    I am having a weird mid life appreciation of Ride and they get my vote

  7. I only managed to snare tickets for two games:

    The Housemartins – Cope 0 Housemartins 4.

    Ride – Played the big guns and comfortably secured the win against a spirited but ultimately out of their depth Asian Dub Foundation.

  8. Prefabs, although I think When Love Breaks Down is one of the weaker tracks on Steve McQueen.
    Bragg. Love the Pixies but this might just be Billy’s best song.
    Ride. That track reminds me of when I had enough hair to shake around to shredding shoegaze classics.

  9. Too much work to do today, as the whole family will visit us tomorrow for Easter-brunchable things, and as usual they’ll eat and drink enough to put me out of health and home, I’m sure! Also somehow I don’t feel a 100% today, so I’ll shut up and simply give you my votes:

    – Prefab Sprout (this is the one I had to think about most, it must be said)
    – Housemartins (a very easy victory for them, “Boston 0 – Hull 4”, if you like …)
    – Billy Bragg (which shows: you should not enter the pitch and then do experimental stuff with the ball in a self-confidental fashion for five minutes in a row at this stage of the tournament)
    – Ride (although it must be said that this ADF-track was really good, I didn’t know it before)

  10. Prefab Sprout. An easy victory. Possibly the best single ever released.( Was hoping for a Sprouts v Paul Quinn final so now putting all my money of Paddy and Co. going all the way )
    Billy Bragg

  11. Deary me – this is the big leagues. Some serious players going out here.

    Prefab Sprout – probably going to have enough to see off Lemonheads anyway, but this is not a fair matchup
    Housemartins – St. Julian could have won this if he had played one of his stronger cuts, but not this time
    Billy Bragg – ouch. But old Bragg beats new Pixies. Old Pixies might have won. This one hurts
    Ride. Ride. Ride. Gutted I am going to miss them at my local festival this summer because I will be on holiday. And Vapour Trail would have annihilated most opposition.

  12. Prefab
    Pixies (The last of my ICAs left standing)
    Asian Dub Foundation (because i really don’t like ride even though Vapour Trail is clearly the better track here)

  13. Prefab Sprout
    Housemartins. Really wanted to vote for Julian but it wasn’t good !, would win nine times out of ten against this mob
    Ride. ADF was really good too. High scoring Match.

  14. PREFAB SPROUT: A serving of Sprout rather than a twist of Lemon for me.

    THE HOUSEMARTINS: Has to be my first big love. So for me it’s Cope 0 Hull 1.

    BILLY BRAGG: The agony. But Bragg brings out the big gun with Tank Park Salute and fires a broadside at, ironically, my hot tip for the eventual tournament winners (although it’s not looking too good for the Bostonians at half time).

    RIDE: Not a lot could top Vapour Trail – surely one of the downright loveliest songs in all indiedom.

    Thanks JC.

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