I could have sworn that Up The Bracket was the debut 45 by The Libertines – it was certainly the first time I ever heard the band back in the day and I’ve long said that the song was one which immediately grabbed my attention, offering much enjoyment with both the vocal and the playing.

There had, however, been an earlier 45 just three months earlier in June 2002, one that had sneaked into the charts at #37 despite what I suspect was next to no plays on the radio or the satellite TV channels which hosted a fair bit of indie music at that time. The use of the words ‘fucking’, ‘pissed’ and ‘cunt’ saw that to that, not forgetting the very clear references to sniffing cocaine and rent boys. It’s a track that saw the band work alongside Bernard Butler with the ex-Suede man in the producer’s chair, and although Mick Jones would go on and do great things with them in a similar position later on, I tend to think that this was the band’s career highlight:-

mp3 : The Libertines – What A Waster

The 45 was in fact a double-A side with a real punky/new wave effort on offer….I’m guessing this would have gotten some air play….assuming the sweary word was edited out….it’s decent enough, but not a patch on What A Waster:-

mp3 : The Libertines – I Get Along

In fact, listening again it could almost pass for something by Razorlight whom critics were quick to dismiss as one-trick and show-off ponies.

If you’re fortunate enough to own this 7″, which came out on Rough Trade, you can get £25 and upwards on the second-hand market.



  1. The love I have for this song. What a Waster is one of the great punk debut singles. It’s just so entirely about the Band, their sound and how things go.
    The two bob bit is genuine and not just there for shock effect. A brilliant punk moment.

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