From wiki:-

Future Pilot A.K.A. is the nom de plume of Glasgow indie musician Sushil K. Dade, a former member of the Soup Dragons, BMX Bandits and Telstar Ponies. Future Pilot’s music blends classic indie pop with Indian classical, dub and hip hop influences.

Dade has released four albums under the Future Pilot name on a variety of record labels, including Stephen Pastel’s Geographic and most recently, Creeping Bent. The Future Pilot project is particularly noted for its vast range of collaborators and guest contributions from figures as diverse as composer Philip Glass, writer Alasdair Gray, Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, Karine Polwart, Can’s Damo Suzuki and members of the Glasgow indie scene, including Stuart Murdoch and Teenage Fanclub.

I’ve always intended to explore things a bit more, but never seem to find the time. All I have is one track, courtesy of its inclusion on a charity CD I picked up back in 2004.

mp3 : Future Pilot A.K.A. – Salute The Divine Within You


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